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Fashion Project - What Next?

OK, so you have looked at, analysed and made responses to a series of illustrators and you have a range of your own photos of the figure to work with.
Before producing your final illustrations you need to turn your mind to the designing process.

Stage 1 - Design Development
To speed things up at this stage we have supplied you with figure templates, back and front. Obtain plenty of copies of the templates and sketch over them rough ideas for your garments. You should produce 12 - 20 Design proposals in this way - for each one illustrate the front and back of the garment.
These Designs can be radically different to each other or closely related variations on a theme, you might come up with three basic designs and then illustrate several alternate versions of each of these.
Your illustrations are just working drawings, they do not need to be highly polished, we want you to produce ideas quickly, so do not labour over creating perfect images at this stage. You should however annotate your drawings with notes and labels - e.g. "Iron on transfer to be used here -->", "This fabric to be dyed blue -->"
Remember your designs need to integrate some element of the garment you have obtained and need to include (either literally or by visual reference) your everyday object. Whilst it  is also important to be
You should complete these garment design sketches before the start of your first lesson on Thursday.

Stage 2 - Collection Consultation
Once you have these Designs completed it is ESSENTIAL to speak with all the other students (in both groups) who have the same object as you.
These conversations should take place on Thursday.
You are designing a collection and before you finalise your garment proposals you need to check that they will actually look good together on the catwalk. This may mean modifying your designs at this stage, perhaps changing colours or garment shapes.

Stage 3 - Final Illustrations
Having selected your three best designs in consultation with the rest of the
team working on your collection you now need to produce finished illustrations for these three.
These should be YOUR OWN DRAWINGS based on your figure photos and using the knowledge gained from researching the Fashion illustrators to help you achieve fantastic results. At this stage you need only illustrate one view of each garment.
Scan your final design drawings into PhotoShop and add text and backgrounds to give a professional result. See the example below.


Remember you need to be collecting the materials you require for your final piece, bring these with you on Monday.

Good Luck,


Monday, 28 November 2011

Combining PhotoShop with Drawing, the route to success!

As a development from my post on PhotoShop, here is what you can do when you add a little drawing into the process. 

 I started with one of your photos (thanks for posting Georgie)

I then elongated the photo slightly in PhotoShop, printed this out and using a lightbox created a pencil structure for my illustration. As I wanted the illustration to be a potential template for a variety of designs I simplified down to the underlying body shape, I then used fineliner and some acrylic washes to complete the drawing.

I then scanned my illustration into PhotoShop, and using techniques similar to those detailed in my previous post created a garment illustration. With this template I could relatively quickly produce a series of design proposals.

It's not rocket science, but remember the better the drawing you scan the better the final result will be!


A - Z of ME! Joe Hewes!!

Ambition? - to actually be great at something i enjoy one day
Bravest thing ive ever done? - Slept up the mountain of snowdonia near what my dad called "The Dead Mines" when i was 12
File:Snodonia mines area.jpg
Disused quarry near Llanberis in the foothills of the Glyderau

Chore i hate? - washing the parents cars. -_-

Dream i remember? - No clue but tbh it would proberely be something very very weird.

Essential start to the day? - Shower as soon as i wake up otherwise its impossible to lift my eye lids, i litrally sleep walk into my shower.

Fear of? - being buried alive! :S

Geographical location of importance to me? - Yellowstone  you can see why

Home - Whitehill

Idol - tegan price.

 best Journey - none yet

kick ass music track - i could put down bout a billiant but proberely "Hearts Burst Into Fire" by Bullet For My Vallentine

Long for - My bed

Movie - Anchorman

Nickname - Joey Bear -_-

Outrageous moment - driving in my dads police car playing music through the speakers while he was chasing after me xP

Pets - Nelson my beautiful staffy
not him but similar ;)

Quote - BY THE BEARD OF ZEUS! - Anchorman

recreational activity - trails bikeing but not alot :/

siblings - 3 brothers of 12, 22 and 26

television - the walking dead

undercover - not much really im pretty open about everything.

vaa vaa voom - duno.

what makes me stop and stare? scary people. grafiti.

x what makes me cross: emma jane :D

what makes me sleep? english lessons, works everytime..

A-Z of Me, Tegan

a, ambition; to grow up and hopefully be successful... either work at a fashion magazine as an editor or something, or be an art teacher at Wellington and get teachers pay and get school holidays still;D
b, bravest thing i've done; NO IDEA.
c, chore i hate; emptying the dishwasher-.-
d, dream i remember; all of themm..? i actually cant think of one:')
e, essential start to the day; check my phone, make up, clean ma teeth, and get dressed, ofcourse.
f, fear of; spiders ugh.
g, geographical location that is important to me; i reckon that would be the very top of a mountain at the skii resort that i go to in canada. its soo quiet and all you can see is white. its peaceful! oh and my home is also pretty important to me:)
h, home; on a farm in Heckfield, we built the house so thats pretty cool...
i, idol; JOE HEWES, lol jk, no, he told me to put that. i think it would have to be Audrey Hepburn or my Grandad:')
j, journey, best ever; definitely would be crammed in the back of a jeep between my older cousin Joel and brother Zak, 2 days between them wasnt fun! i cant remember really, would you classify walking around disney florida a journey?
k, kick ass music track; 23 by Jimmy Eat World, or Slow Show by the National.
l, long for; my bed, all the timeeeee. or a party, whatevvvvvvvvs
m, movie; The Notebook, Dirty Dancing, TWILIGHT, Never Back Down, Mean Girls ofcourse and looooads more!
n, nickname; Tegs, used to be called Tiggs or Tiggy?
o, outrageous behaviour; coooor theres too many moments!? joking, i dont know..
p, pets; well, i live on a farm soo.. i have 2 dogs, 2 gerbils, 6 llamas, and fish in the pond:')
q, quote from a movie; 'i was uncontrollably and irrevocably in love with him' i cant think of one!? -really soppy from twilightt, awww.
r, recreational activity; ive done rollerskating since i was 7
s, siblings; my brother Zak, he's 18
t, television; One Tree Hill, 90210, Americas Next Top Model, Misfits (with nathan) Gossip Girl!
u, undercover; my body, most of the time...
v, va va voom; reallllly? ermm, Chase Crawford, Ed Westwick (dont care what people say!) and FRANCISCO LACHOWSKI MMM
w, what makes me stop and stare; hot guys? good photo oppurtunitys:')
x, what makes me cross; people that are horrid for no reason-.- people that are rude or obnoxious, incorrect grammar like 'you're' and 'your', 'too' 'to' and 'two' etc, if someone puts 'your cool' on facebook its like, 'your cool what?' UGH or 'i cant wait to see you to' its like, its TWO, two people-.-
y, yummyy foods; pasta with ketchup and cheese, dohnuts, chocolate
z, zzzzzzz what makes me sleepy; a dark room, or listening to the eagles.

Thursday, 24 November 2011


Helloo!! These are some of the many pictures we took today :D <3

Emma-Jane and Georgia

Joe, Sean and Mike

Emma-Jane, Joe, Sean, Georgia

No reason for this one other than I like it. 


Looks like 'Misfits' Advert....

Awkward Posing for my Artist Research. 


Georgia and Tegan 

Georgie xxx

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

To Do List.

Ok, so what you should be getting done before Monday 28th Nov. is:
  • Print out your Prezi Slides at a decent size and include these in your sketchbook.
  • If your Prezi slides do not show good clear images of your Moodboards then include these as a separate item. Add any appropriate annotation to explain your ideas/intentions.
  • Produce 2 pages of research on the recycled Fashion creations of Martin Margiela. Analyse some specific garments and provide some background information.
  • Complete Fashion Illustrator research (see earlier post).
  • Quick sketches of the figure from direct observation (done in class)
  • Print out and include the best of your fashion posture photos.
  • Choose two of your own photos to develop some illustrational responses from, then reproduce these two images in the style of each of the three illustrators you have researched (total of 6 illustrations). Try in all cases to use the same media as used by the illustrator you are responding to. No pencil sketches imitating digital work please!
  • Develop some ideas for your final garment through a series of quick sketches in pencil.
Next week we will be developing our fashion drawing skills further, and producing 3 final garment proposals as presentation standard illustrations. This will mean scanning your drawn/painted/collaged illustrations and adding text, backgrounds etc. in PhotoShop (see the post below for some handy tips).

Alongside the blog make sure you are also referring to the project brief regularly, there is loads of information on it.

Meanwhile you should be gathering materials for your final garment, ensure you have an appropriate item of clothing to modify and think about what else you will need - this might be multiples of your everyday object, iron on transfer paper, specific threads or fabrics etc.

Good Luck!

Developing a PhotoShop Illustration

Original image from digital camera

Image brightened, contrast increased (both from Adjustments sub menu under Image), sharpen more filter applied (Filter menu, sharpen sub menu).

Image cropped (crop tool on tool bar) and elongated using transform tool (from edit menu)

Layer duplicated, from layer menu (to enable editing). Using magic wand selection tool (tool bar) background selected and cut away. Appropriate background image found and added as seperate layer behind "background copy" layer

Threshold effect applied to image (found on Adjustments sub menu under Image menu).

Magic wand selection tool used to capture black areas, paint bucket tool (tool bar) used to replace black with blue.

On the layer palette I selected the bottle layer so I could adjust this, I applied a cutout filter (from the Filter Menu, Artistic sub menu).

I selected a font I liked from (chinese rocks) and downloaded it. Using the text tool (toolbar) I added a text layer in my downloaded font, I then rotated this (transform, rotate under the edit menu) and added a drop shadow (layer menu, layer style sub menu, drop shadow).

I then selected some areas on either side of the image using the Rectangular marquee tool (toolbar) and filled these with black using the paint bucket tool. I also added a drop shadow to the main image at this stage.

Going back to the original image (saved as a separate file) I cut some sections from this with the rectangular marquee selection tool then applied a graphic pen filter to them (Filter menu, sketch sub menu). I pasted these sections over parts of my image.

To fill the central space I found a diagram of a bottle and pasted this in, I removed the white background by using the multiply layer blending mode (at the top left of the layer palette). I used transform again to rotate the bottle and the move tool (tool bar) to place it.

Another image grab (of pouring water) was added, and an additional emboss effect on the text layer (bevel and emboss from the Layer, layer style menu).

Finally I selected an area behind the bottle with the Polygonal lasso tool (toolbar) and on a new layer filled this with white with the paint can, I then adjusted the Opacity of this new layer on the layer palette to let some of the blue underneath partially show through. I also added one more graphic pen section to bring some definition to the arm.

I would add that even better things can be achieved, particularly if you produce illustrations by hand then scan them then add backgrounds and text layers. 
PhotoShop is a great tool - when used wisely!

"One button wonders" - images with just a simple filter or effect applied are easy to spot and impress nobody!



These are some drawings of Emma-Jane and Georgia :D Fashion Illustrations??


Liselotte Watkins inspired!

Georgie xxx

A-Z of me, Jenny Lakandri

A- to work in the fashion industry, have a successful + good life

B- Bravest thing I've done....would be dancing to MJ song ''Too bad'' for the first time in front of my whole Primary school...

C- Chore I hate....Cleaning the toilet

D- Dream I remember....Getting chased by a bunch of lions

E- Essential start to the day... Brush my teeth! (I know people brushes their teeth after they had their breakfast but I've got this habit of brushing my teeth before breakfast since I was young)

F- Fear of....insects such as big hairy spiders :S
If I saw this spider in real life, I'd scream my head off.

G- Geogrphical location that is important to me...Hong Kong because that's where I was born and raised for about 14 years.

Me and my sister by the Vitoria Harbour

H- Home...I have moved about 7 or 8 times so I haven't been settled completely. Right now I'm living in a bangalow in farnborough with my family :D

I- Idol...Michael Jackson because I grew up listening to his music and he inspired me to dance.

J- Journey - my best ever....I don't have one yet, but I am looking forward to travel around the world in the future

L- Long for....Dance and sleep

M- Movie...There're quite a lot of movie that I like...but my all time favourites are Home Alone and Titanic

K- Kiss ass music track... Play that funky music by Wild Cherry

N- Nickname...Jen, Jennifer, Jelly, Katty and many more.....

O- Outegous behaviour....I bunked off school once with my friends and went cycling...I ended up falling off my
bike and injuried my knee

P- Pets....None :( (I used to have goldfish)

Q- Qoute from a movie....Hasta la Vista, Baby. - Terminator

R- Recreational activity....Dancing and singing

I haven't taken any danceing lessons, but I've loved dancing since I was a baby. One of my dream is to be in a dance crew or form one :D

S- Siblings....One younger sister and one younger brother
Jamisa who is now 7 and me

Jeshil, 5 and me

T- Television....Simspons, Misfits, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and more

U- Undercover, what u didn't know about me....I can speak and write chinese

V- Va va voom, who gets my engine one really at the moment

W- What makes me stop and stare...cute babies and animals

X- What makes me Cross(X)....when my siblings fight over little things, it really gets into my nerves

Y- Yummy, what I like to eat the most....Chocolate

Z- Zzzzzzzzzz, what makes me sleep....boring movie and homework

~ The End... :)