Sunday, 6 November 2011

A-Z OF ME - Laura Hearne here....

A – Ambition
My ambition in life is to be happy and to be a mother!

B- Bravest thing I’ve done
That has to be getting on the plane to Scotland by myself for the first time, I was scared of flying and being by myself made it 10 times worse! But I did it, and now I do it roughly every 2-4 months!

C- Chore I hate
Ironing! I swear once I put my clothes on after ironing them they are creased within 5 minutes! Arghh!

D-Dream I remember
The dream I remember is one where I am running away from a clown down a never ending road, it’s really creepy but I’ve had it since I was young and it just keeps coming back to me in my sleep!
So Scary :(

E- Essential start to the day
I really have to brush my teeth, even those mornings where I wake up 5 mins before my bus leaves, I will risk missing it to brush my teeth!

F- Fear of
Probably sounds quite corny, but I’m scared of losing the people close to me, I don’t have many.

G- Geographical location that is important to me
Dunblane, Scotland. Its where my boyfriend and his family live.

H- Home
Fleet, Hampshire. Although I am originally from South Ealing, West London.

I- Idol
I can’t say I really have an idol!

J- Journey – My best ever
To be Continued….

K- Kick ass music track
I doubt anyone thinks my music is ‘Kick Ass’ but I’ve chosen:
I Will Possess Your Heart by Death Cab For Cutie

L- Long for
I’m always longing to see my boyfriend and his family, they're such a laugh!

Gregs Mum and Dad, what a picture!

M- Movie
Im a massive fan of animated films, and my favourite (always has been) is Anastasia! 
Anastasia Poster
I love this film so much!

N- Nickname
I don’t really have a nickname, but since the day I was born my mums best friend has always called me Lou.

O- Outrageous Behaviour
I don’t really think I’ve done anything outrageous, but I do like to go a bit crazy with my hair and my clothes on the odd occasion! When I came back from Scotland with purple and blue hair my mum didn't recognise me!

Unfortunately i got stuck with this on my student ID!

P– Pets
I have two lovely doggies called max (9yrs old) and bonnie (3yrs old).


Q- Quote From A Movie
"Oh yes, the past can hurt. But, you can either run from it or, learn from it."- Rafiki, from The Lion King

R- Recreational Activity
The only thing I do other than college is sleep!

S- Siblings
I have 3 half brothers (Kevin, Richard and Ryan) and 2 half sisters (Nicola and Rebecca)

T- Television
I’m a massive fan of True Blood

U- Undercover – what you didn’t know about me
I can twist my feet around so that they face the other way!

V-va va voom – who gets my engine running
My boyfriend Gregory ofcourse!

W- What makes you stop and stare
My nose ring when it falls out! Takes me aaaaages to find it!

X- What makes me Cross (X)
People who walk really really slow and you can’t get past them!

Y- Yummy, what I like to eat the most
Im a massive fan of tuna, mmmmmm

Z- zzzzzzzz, what makes me sleep
The bus journey home

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