Sunday, 26 February 2012


Hellloo All!

Today I did a shoot with my friend Karen (who doesn't even like Porridge..)! It was a little bit rushed...not going to lie but I made my own little studio in my dining room and set up a wall paper background etc...

I will do better next time I promise! ;) This was just so I had something to work with! :)


Other Favourite :P 


Randomness ~

I found this video on youtube...and it is Ahhh-mazingggggg x)
Must watch it!
-Jenny L xxx

Jne's Architectural Dress

Heeeeyyy Guys! :)
Here are a few pics of Daniella wearing/modelling my architectural garment. ahah :P I bought a simple black dress from a charity shop in Alton, and ''transfromed'' it into this bizzarre dress. For each section, I used different techniques like gold card printing, spray paint, henna printing, etc. I also made a belt out of a watch (which doesn't work) and an old ribbon.
Hope u guys are enjoying the new project! *whooop* Cy'all tomorrow!!!!! :D
Jenny L xxx

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Architectual Forms Fashion Shoot.

Hey its Emma-Jane,
Just thought I'd post the top I made from scratch onto here, that's modeled by Georgia. Its based on the design of the Gherkin and I printed the pattern using gold card.

YAAAAY for the Roald Dahl project :) !x

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Architectural skirt

Hello it's Georgia!

Ermm yesterday I did a photo shoot, with the lovely girl Emma-Jane, she modelled my skirt made out handmade lollipops! It is based on the windows you find in the city center of some of the sky scrapers we looked at, but also has an historical twist to it because the sugar is meant to look like stained glass!

I hope you like it and a big thank you to Emma for standing the cold, and dedicating her EARLY Thursday morning to help the amazing me :D

Heres a few... in Guilford where I live, up a mount there is a church ruin, named S.T Catherine's this is where I did my photo shoot.

Taking the State

Hii again ;) <3 

OKAY, so I know this has absolutely NOTHING to do with anything but:

These are some pictures from last night at a gig in 'The Facebar' - Reading!
The band is called 'Taking the State' (hence the title of this post ;) ) 
Some of the band members you might know as 3 go to Alton in our year ;) My friends Ryan, Stan and Alex and Chaz! 
Look them up on Facebook if you want they have a group so LIKE AWAY <3 <3 


Thursday, 16 February 2012

2 Dresses and a Photoshoot.

Hellooo! <3

Went on a Photoshoot today with my friends Jess (Blonde) and Domy (Brown)
They were amazing bracing the cold ;) and the dresses looked awesome on them!!

I have created 2 dresses, one based on 'The Bullring' in Birmingham (the pink/yellow)
and the other based on the 'Lloyd's' building in London :)

Here are some pictures from the shoot!! ENJOY!


Seee you all soon!! Hope you had a good half term ;) 

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Architecture Deadline

Just emailed you all with Architecture evaluation and submission lists, make sure you get everything done for the deadline, 4.30pm on Tuesday 21st Feb.
And let's see some posts on here, I want some pictures to keep me entertained over half term.
I've just got back from our Art trip to Istanbul, here's a pic of some of the second years enjoying the snow near the Blue Mosque.