ART BTEC 2015 intake!

ART BTEC 2015 intake!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Fashion Project - What Next?

OK, so you have looked at, analysed and made responses to a series of illustrators and you have a range of your own photos of the figure to work with.
Before producing your final illustrations you need to turn your mind to the designing process.

Stage 1 - Design Development
To speed things up at this stage we have supplied you with figure templates, back and front. Obtain plenty of copies of the templates and sketch over them rough ideas for your garments. You should produce 12 - 20 Design proposals in this way - for each one illustrate the front and back of the garment.
These Designs can be radically different to each other or closely related variations on a theme, you might come up with three basic designs and then illustrate several alternate versions of each of these.
Your illustrations are just working drawings, they do not need to be highly polished, we want you to produce ideas quickly, so do not labour over creating perfect images at this stage. You should however annotate your drawings with notes and labels - e.g. "Iron on transfer to be used here -->", "This fabric to be dyed blue -->"
Remember your designs need to integrate some element of the garment you have obtained and need to include (either literally or by visual reference) your everyday object. Whilst it  is also important to be
You should complete these garment design sketches before the start of your first lesson on Thursday.

Stage 2 - Collection Consultation
Once you have these Designs completed it is ESSENTIAL to speak with all the other students (in both groups) who have the same object as you.
These conversations should take place on Thursday.
You are designing a collection and before you finalise your garment proposals you need to check that they will actually look good together on the catwalk. This may mean modifying your designs at this stage, perhaps changing colours or garment shapes.

Stage 3 - Final Illustrations
Having selected your three best designs in consultation with the rest of the
team working on your collection you now need to produce finished illustrations for these three.
These should be YOUR OWN DRAWINGS based on your figure photos and using the knowledge gained from researching the Fashion illustrators to help you achieve fantastic results. At this stage you need only illustrate one view of each garment.
Scan your final design drawings into PhotoShop and add text and backgrounds to give a professional result. See the example below.


Remember you need to be collecting the materials you require for your final piece, bring these with you on Monday.

Good Luck,


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