Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A-Z of me, Jenny Lakandri

A- to work in the fashion industry, have a successful + good life

B- Bravest thing I've done....would be dancing to MJ song ''Too bad'' for the first time in front of my whole Primary school...

C- Chore I hate....Cleaning the toilet

D- Dream I remember....Getting chased by a bunch of lions

E- Essential start to the day... Brush my teeth! (I know people brushes their teeth after they had their breakfast but I've got this habit of brushing my teeth before breakfast since I was young)

F- Fear of....insects such as big hairy spiders :S
If I saw this spider in real life, I'd scream my head off.

G- Geogrphical location that is important to me...Hong Kong because that's where I was born and raised for about 14 years.

Me and my sister by the Vitoria Harbour

H- Home...I have moved about 7 or 8 times so I haven't been settled completely. Right now I'm living in a bangalow in farnborough with my family :D

I- Idol...Michael Jackson because I grew up listening to his music and he inspired me to dance.

J- Journey - my best ever....I don't have one yet, but I am looking forward to travel around the world in the future

L- Long for....Dance and sleep

M- Movie...There're quite a lot of movie that I like...but my all time favourites are Home Alone and Titanic

K- Kiss ass music track... Play that funky music by Wild Cherry

N- Nickname...Jen, Jennifer, Jelly, Katty and many more.....

O- Outegous behaviour....I bunked off school once with my friends and went cycling...I ended up falling off my
bike and injuried my knee

P- Pets....None :( (I used to have goldfish)

Q- Qoute from a movie....Hasta la Vista, Baby. - Terminator

R- Recreational activity....Dancing and singing

I haven't taken any danceing lessons, but I've loved dancing since I was a baby. One of my dream is to be in a dance crew or form one :D

S- Siblings....One younger sister and one younger brother
Jamisa who is now 7 and me

Jeshil, 5 and me

T- Television....Simspons, Misfits, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and more

U- Undercover, what u didn't know about me....I can speak and write chinese

V- Va va voom, who gets my engine one really at the moment

W- What makes me stop and stare...cute babies and animals

X- What makes me Cross(X)....when my siblings fight over little things, it really gets into my nerves

Y- Yummy, what I like to eat the most....Chocolate

Z- Zzzzzzzzzz, what makes me sleep....boring movie and homework

~ The End... :)

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