Friday, 14 December 2012

Fashion Photoshoots Research

In order for you to plan and execute effective final Photoshoots for your garments it will be helpful to make yourself aware of the work of some top Fashion photographers.
When looking at these Photographers work you should look for the following things and comment on them:
  • Use of location/studio - how does this relate to enhance the garment?
  • Use of make up.
  • Use of props.
  • Use of the model(s) consider things like body posture, what mood is the photographer trying to create?
  • Use of lighting - natural/artificial? harsh/gentle?
  • Composition/cropping - how is the figure placed within the image?
  • Use of post production - has the image been manipulated via software such as PhotoShop to achieve the final result, how subtle/dramatic is this process?
You should look at 2 of the following photographers and provide a little background biographical information before analysing at least 3 images by each one in detail (2 pages per photographer, print out decent size reproductions of their work).

Steven Meisel
Corrine Day

Mario Testino

Ruven Afanador

Nick Knight


Tim Walker
Steven Klein

Friday, 7 December 2012

Designer Research/Making/Illustration Reminders

Just to clarify a few things we have mentioned in class:
Martin Margiela
  • In addition to your research into the Fashion Illustrators we want you to look at the work of two Designers. You should all discuss the work of Martin Margiela and find one other designer whose work interests you (this could be someone you looked at when compiling your Prezi, or look at the brief for suggestions). Provide some background information, get several good reproductions of garments/collections by each designer and analyse these in your own words, write about what inspired the Designer and identify materials/techniques they have employed.
  • You should now all be engaged with making your final garments, if you are being held back by a lack of the necessary materials make sure you sort this out THIS WEEKEND. There should not be anyone who is not actively making by Monday.
  • Just to make it clear regarding the responses to the 3 illustrators, these should combine three things: 1. The style and materials used by each illustrator. 2. Your own photographs of the figure. 3. A representation of your garment design. See the older post for more guidance.
Remember the DEADLINE is the first Monday back, it would be great if we could get 100% completion ON TIME. We will do some photography of your final garments on the Catwalk, but you should all also arange a location/studio shoot of your own, you may want to start giving some thought to this now.