Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A-Z of Georgie Ravenscroft

A - Ambition 

Do well at one of my hobbies! Singing, Art, Drama, Photography :) 
Photography :) 

B - Bravest thing I've done 

Accept Facebook friend requests from my parents -.-  

Really cool. More 'embarrassing' than 'brave.'.

C - Chore I hate 

Cleaning my small (cupboard like..) room; 

'Trying to make it look cool by putting posters EVERYWHERE.' 

D - Dream I have had 

I can't remember any dreams so this will do D: nightmare!! 
E - Essential Start To The Day 

Eat! Then Brush My Teeetttthhh :D and brace -.- 

F - Fear Of....

Passing out!! Small Spaces!! Drowning!! D: 
(don't have a picture for these because they scare me.)

G - Geographical Location That Is Important To Me; 

My Home! <3 

Snow makes it look better. 

H - HOME :) 

I live in Hook, Hampshire :D <3  (don't really have a picture of it...)

I - Ido....ICON :)

KURT COBAIN! Nirvana! Enough Said. 

The Epitome of Coolness. 

J - Journey

Anywhere is Scotland! :) 
Yes, this is scotland. :) 

K - 'Kick Ass' Music Track 

Dani California - Red Hot Chilli Peppers <3!! 

L - Long F....Library (erm..?) 

I have a little 'Fetish' for Charlene Harris series Books :) 
I got into reading these in Spain <3

M - Movie 

Anchorman. :') 
Funniest movie of your life. 

N - Nicknames

Raves, Ravs, Gee, George....

O - Outrageous Behaviour -  
Swimming in a pool when drunk 

and then calling Neil's Dad A 'Bumder.' 

P - Pets 

I have 2 Schnauzers (Dogs) 
This is Riley as  puppy...
Now he is hench. 

This is Buzz <3 

Q - Quote from a movie
One of the most quotable movies of all time; MEAN GIRLS...
She Doesn't Even Go Here!!! 

R - Recreational Activity 

Running...Yes, I run. 
Singing, Photography, ART. 

This is from Sports Day Last Year because I don't take pictures of myself running.

S - Sibling 

James (Jammy) Ravenscroft. 

This is my brother. 
...He is actually older than me. 

T - Television 

Misfits, True Blood, America's Next Top Model, Work Of Art and MOREEE...i need a life. 

U - Undercover 

Most people already know this and it doesn't always matter but I like guys with brown eyes. mmm. (Orlando Bloom.) 

V - Va va vooooom - 



W - What makes you stop and stare.
Some thing colourful or interesting. People in general :') 
X - what makes you (x)

People who don't listen and people who lie...

Y - Yummy Food 
Crunchy Grapes. Not those crappy squishy ones you get.
Pop Tarts <3 and Grapes. 
The Relevance is that he has a pop tart body,

Z - Zzzzzz...

Coming home from a party when you have been drinking and dancing all night. 

....and after walking home from that party. 


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