Monday, 7 November 2011

A through to Z for Laura C. xx

A = Ambition?
Travel for inspiration and become known.
B = Bravest thing I have done?
Saved a duck from drowning ):

Nawwww cute!!
C = Chore I hate?
Putting the duvet on my bed!!! Now that is a chore and a half.

D = Dream I remember?

E = Essential start to the day?
F = Fear I have?
Forgetting :/
G = Geographical location that is important to me?
Broad Haven Beach, Wales – every year since I was born and not planning to break that tradition!!

H = Home?
Farnham, my Grandpa’s old house.

I = Idol?
Isaac Franklin, great person who has overcome a lot.

What a Legend!!!
J = Favourite journey?
New York – For sure!!!
That really was a view to remember.
K = Kick ass soundtrack?
Linkin Park -- New Divide (Transformers)

L = Long for?
Summer evenings down the pub

Can't wait!
M = Favourite movie?
The Notebook

N = Nickname?

O = Outrageous behaviour?
Friends party, got there at 8:15 and was at home in bed by 9:00 (ill leave that one to the imagination)
P = Pets?
 2 old hamsters (nibbles and smudgey) but no pets currently

Q = Favourite quote?
“I have not failed; I have just found 10000 ways that wont work” Thomas Alva Edison

R = Recreational Behaviour?
Art i guess :)

S = Siblings?
Brother of 18, Oli
Why the long face?! :)
T = Television?
Made in Chelsea and Misfits (with Nathan)

Nice outfit :P orange is so your colour.
U = Undercover secret?
I have never burped in my life :D (so do have manners...)

V = Va va voom – who gets your engine running?
Sam Worthington and Channing Tatum (Yum!!)

Need I say more?????
W = What make you stop and stare?
The Sea

X = What makes you cross?
Judgemental people

Y = Yummy – What do you like to eat?
Soft shell crab form the Bon East (chinese restaurant) in Farnham. 

I order it EVERY time :D
Z = zzzz – What makes you sleep?
The evening sun on my face (every time) xx

One sight i will never forget.

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