Wednesday, 23 November 2011

To Do List.

Ok, so what you should be getting done before Monday 28th Nov. is:
  • Print out your Prezi Slides at a decent size and include these in your sketchbook.
  • If your Prezi slides do not show good clear images of your Moodboards then include these as a separate item. Add any appropriate annotation to explain your ideas/intentions.
  • Produce 2 pages of research on the recycled Fashion creations of Martin Margiela. Analyse some specific garments and provide some background information.
  • Complete Fashion Illustrator research (see earlier post).
  • Quick sketches of the figure from direct observation (done in class)
  • Print out and include the best of your fashion posture photos.
  • Choose two of your own photos to develop some illustrational responses from, then reproduce these two images in the style of each of the three illustrators you have researched (total of 6 illustrations). Try in all cases to use the same media as used by the illustrator you are responding to. No pencil sketches imitating digital work please!
  • Develop some ideas for your final garment through a series of quick sketches in pencil.
Next week we will be developing our fashion drawing skills further, and producing 3 final garment proposals as presentation standard illustrations. This will mean scanning your drawn/painted/collaged illustrations and adding text, backgrounds etc. in PhotoShop (see the post below for some handy tips).

Alongside the blog make sure you are also referring to the project brief regularly, there is loads of information on it.

Meanwhile you should be gathering materials for your final garment, ensure you have an appropriate item of clothing to modify and think about what else you will need - this might be multiples of your everyday object, iron on transfer paper, specific threads or fabrics etc.

Good Luck!

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