Monday, 28 November 2011

A-Z of Me, Tegan

a, ambition; to grow up and hopefully be successful... either work at a fashion magazine as an editor or something, or be an art teacher at Wellington and get teachers pay and get school holidays still;D
b, bravest thing i've done; NO IDEA.
c, chore i hate; emptying the dishwasher-.-
d, dream i remember; all of themm..? i actually cant think of one:')
e, essential start to the day; check my phone, make up, clean ma teeth, and get dressed, ofcourse.
f, fear of; spiders ugh.
g, geographical location that is important to me; i reckon that would be the very top of a mountain at the skii resort that i go to in canada. its soo quiet and all you can see is white. its peaceful! oh and my home is also pretty important to me:)
h, home; on a farm in Heckfield, we built the house so thats pretty cool...
i, idol; JOE HEWES, lol jk, no, he told me to put that. i think it would have to be Audrey Hepburn or my Grandad:')
j, journey, best ever; definitely would be crammed in the back of a jeep between my older cousin Joel and brother Zak, 2 days between them wasnt fun! i cant remember really, would you classify walking around disney florida a journey?
k, kick ass music track; 23 by Jimmy Eat World, or Slow Show by the National.
l, long for; my bed, all the timeeeee. or a party, whatevvvvvvvvs
m, movie; The Notebook, Dirty Dancing, TWILIGHT, Never Back Down, Mean Girls ofcourse and looooads more!
n, nickname; Tegs, used to be called Tiggs or Tiggy?
o, outrageous behaviour; coooor theres too many moments!? joking, i dont know..
p, pets; well, i live on a farm soo.. i have 2 dogs, 2 gerbils, 6 llamas, and fish in the pond:')
q, quote from a movie; 'i was uncontrollably and irrevocably in love with him' i cant think of one!? -really soppy from twilightt, awww.
r, recreational activity; ive done rollerskating since i was 7
s, siblings; my brother Zak, he's 18
t, television; One Tree Hill, 90210, Americas Next Top Model, Misfits (with nathan) Gossip Girl!
u, undercover; my body, most of the time...
v, va va voom; reallllly? ermm, Chase Crawford, Ed Westwick (dont care what people say!) and FRANCISCO LACHOWSKI MMM
w, what makes me stop and stare; hot guys? good photo oppurtunitys:')
x, what makes me cross; people that are horrid for no reason-.- people that are rude or obnoxious, incorrect grammar like 'you're' and 'your', 'too' 'to' and 'two' etc, if someone puts 'your cool' on facebook its like, 'your cool what?' UGH or 'i cant wait to see you to' its like, its TWO, two people-.-
y, yummyy foods; pasta with ketchup and cheese, dohnuts, chocolate
z, zzzzzzz what makes me sleepy; a dark room, or listening to the eagles.

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