Thursday, 17 November 2011

A-Z Of Georgia-Rae Sacre

A- Ambition 
Is too become comfortable in life and follow a career that I will be happy in. 


B-Bravest thing I've done
To sing for the first time in front of the whole school

C-Chore I hate
Unpacking my suitcase, as I live in one most of the time

D-Dream I remember 
I went to a party, and I didn't know anyone and they were acting very aggressive, then my mum and step dad arrived outside in a flying scooby van, next thing I know people are chasing me with knives and I am flying in a scooby van.


E-Essential start to the day 
I religiously moisturise, cannot go without it

F-Fear of
Horror movies, even the adverts for them. It's a psychological problem. I can't even watch Charles Angels without being freaked out by the man who smells there hair!

G-Geographical location that is important to me
London, I was born there and I can't wait to live there as soon as!

H- Home
 I live in two place, a little house in Aldershot and a lovely house in Guildford, which is my second most favourite place!

View DSC_0089.JPG in slide show
( World cup- hence the flag!) 

My idol is Adele, just because she reminds me of me and how she is such an individual!

J-Journey my best ever
The journey from being bullied through to my private secondary school, it changed me as a person and I met some fantastic teachers, some wonderful people and a lovely boyfriend!

My school! 

K- kick ass music track 
A legendary band i grew up with this song in my life absolute classic

L-Long for
Chocolate and I love a good old cuppa! 

 M- Movie 
Angus thongs and Perfect snogging is a great film with ice cream and a few cuddly blankets! 

 N- Nickname
Gee, Peanut, Gorga, Porge, Ompa Lumpa anything really... shit face mother calls me! 

 O- Outrageous behaviour-
I haven't really done anything outrageous really, accept for congratulating my teacher that she was preggers and feeling her belly, and then she complained and called this outrageous behaviour.. pathetic really!

P- Pets 
My dog beau, she is my baby! 

Q-quote from a movie 
"There's another crime in the making, your car is about to run a stop sign." Matilda 

R- Recreational activity 
Singing and car booting i love a bargain! 

Sister, named Liberty she is 10 years old and so gorgeous! 

I am a sucker for Eastenders, Outnumbered and Waterloo Road. 

U-Undercover- what you didn't know about me
I have two split screen camper vans! 

There is one! 

V- Va va voom! who gets my engines running! 
Robert Pattinson is the most gorgeous guy ever!

W- What makes me stop and stare 
Street acts, I love stopping and watching their individual performances 

Y- Yummy, what I like to eat the most 
I love a good old Sunday roast!

Z- zzzzzzz, what makes me sleep 
The sound of the rain its so relaxing! 

I hope you have enjoyed my A-Z! x 

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