Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A-Z on me, Alice Humphrey

A- Ambition... I dont have one as such a part from living life to the full and to be heathy.

B- Bravest thing i've ever done... Would be for is stiching up my own leg.

C- Chore I hate doing... making the bed.

D- Dream I remember... would be me walking an owl on a lead.


E- Essential start to my day ... would have to be FOOD!

F- Fear of... would be spiders

G- Geographicai location that is important to me... would have to be my home as i have spent my hole life there.

H- Home... i live in a small village called Odiham.

I- Idol... for me would have to be doctors, as they help save peoples life and so many other things.

J Journey- my best ever ... im sure i have one but i cant seem to think of one.

K- Kick ass music track... would have to be the classic James Bond theme tune.

L- Long for... would be a hug at the end of the day or my bed.

M- Movie.... There are so many films I like but here are two i like alot.

N- Nickname.. would have to be shortass or bold midget

O- Outrages behaviour... I have one but im not going to tell you all

P- Pets... i have two dogs called kitty and ruffes


when he was 6 weeks

Kitty & Ruffes


Q- Qoute from a film...

R- Recreationa activity.... I dont really have one now but i used to dance alot.

S- Sibings... I have an older brother called leo ( 22 yrs old) and i have an younger sister called rose and she is 12 yrs old.


Me & Rosie

T- Television.... would have to be The Jermy Kyle Show i think it is stupidy funny.

U- Undercover... One of my middle names is Florence

V- Vav va voom... would be of course my lovey boyfriend

but something else that i wouldn't mind.... Mr Michael Buble

W- what makes me stop and stare... kinda odd but is people who are covered in tatoo.

X- what makes me cross... judgemental people

Y- yummy foods... cheese on toats with red peppers

Z- what makes me sleep.... sitting infront of a nice warm fire

sorry if my spelling a bit hit and miss im shit at spelling

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