Monday, 28 November 2011

A - Z of ME! Joe Hewes!!

Ambition? - to actually be great at something i enjoy one day
Bravest thing ive ever done? - Slept up the mountain of snowdonia near what my dad called "The Dead Mines" when i was 12
File:Snodonia mines area.jpg
Disused quarry near Llanberis in the foothills of the Glyderau

Chore i hate? - washing the parents cars. -_-

Dream i remember? - No clue but tbh it would proberely be something very very weird.

Essential start to the day? - Shower as soon as i wake up otherwise its impossible to lift my eye lids, i litrally sleep walk into my shower.

Fear of? - being buried alive! :S

Geographical location of importance to me? - Yellowstone  you can see why

Home - Whitehill

Idol - tegan price.

 best Journey - none yet

kick ass music track - i could put down bout a billiant but proberely "Hearts Burst Into Fire" by Bullet For My Vallentine

Long for - My bed

Movie - Anchorman

Nickname - Joey Bear -_-

Outrageous moment - driving in my dads police car playing music through the speakers while he was chasing after me xP

Pets - Nelson my beautiful staffy
not him but similar ;)

Quote - BY THE BEARD OF ZEUS! - Anchorman

recreational activity - trails bikeing but not alot :/

siblings - 3 brothers of 12, 22 and 26

television - the walking dead

undercover - not much really im pretty open about everything.

vaa vaa voom - duno.

what makes me stop and stare? scary people. grafiti.

x what makes me cross: emma jane :D

what makes me sleep? english lessons, works everytime..

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