Monday, 14 November 2011

A-Z Of Emma-Jane

To experience the thrill of a back stage editorial cat walk and to further my drawing ability. 

B- Bravest thing I've done...

I think I'm a p-p-pretty boring individual as I still haven't plucked the courage to try out a roller coaster. So anyone who's up for a challenge to persuade me, you're very welcome to do so!

C- Chore I hate

When you knock a drink over and the little particles enjoy leaking/dripping into every hinge or crack possible on a surface. Then once you dramatically grab the kitchen roll there's never enough to absorb. As you can tell such a horrible process ;)

D- Dream I've had.

As most of man kind known 11/11/11 was yesterday in which was also remembrance day (rest in peace) plus our BTEC group went on a trip to London but that's a different story!

BASICALLY everyone kept saying " make sure you make a wish!"  So I dream't a crazy old mysterious lady with a dream catcher kept stealing everyone's wishes and for that reason a feather fell from the object every 5 seconds and then burnt to ash. I then felt I had to draw what was going on and show it to Ivan in PLD. Yep, so that's it... Cool story bro..

E- Essential start to the day:

Waking up 15 minutes after my alarm, hobbling to my bathroom to have a shower.

F- Fear of:

If you don't already know I am TERRIFIED of clowns and walking into grave yards.
 No images needed.

G- Geographical Location that is important to me:
Is it really that upsetting that I don't have one? :( But I would love to travel the world one day in one of these.

 H- Home:

Living within a military background I haven't ever been settled however I'm loving my cosey house on Raf Odiham :) However I also have a second home In Norfolk with my mumsy and we have a farm its such fun!

I- Idol

If you haven't realised already, I am obsessed with Adele not because of her fabulous yet depressing music.. I like how realistic and genuine she is. 

J- Journey:

 I'd love to contribute to helping those in need in Africa plus I think the culture looks amazing!

K- "Kick Ass" Music Track
I couldn't think of one.. DO THE KENDRO

L- Long For


M- Movie:

School Of Rock!

N- Nicknames:

Pease, M-J ( created by individuals in class), Pea, Puddings, Peasely, E-J, Mushy anddd the list could go on. Most relate to my last name as its a vegetable. YAY.

O- Outrageous Behaviour:

Flicking a ruler and hitting a teacher in the head or accidentally walking into a teacher spilling orange juice all over her.. 

P- Pets:

I have a farm so i'm not naming my thousands of pets apart from the ones I live locallly with.

Giant Schnauzer called Viking and he grown to reach above my hips..  Georgie and I have the same type POOCH woo woo! I personally don't like his name so I call him fat boy.

And I have a Cat who's just as fat.. His name is Ruru and he's a massive baby.

Q- Quote from a movie:

I just love her ahahahahaa, GOOGLEY BEAR, SMOOCHY POO.

R- Recreational Activity

 HOCCCCCCKEY <3  would upload a county picture but I look like I could kill someone.

S- Sibling:

My Younger Sister Kerry, 14 years and below my big sister Melanie 28 :)

T- Television
I don't watch much but I do occasionally enjoy Eastenders, America's Next Top Model and  Vampire Diaries.

U- Undercover:
 I can't think of anything aaah!

 um i love owls. 

V- Va va voom:

ALEX PETTYFER, oh he's so yummy and blonde.

W: What makes you stop and stare:

Tim Walkers photography is just amazingly bizarre and I love it. I'm currently staring at this thinking "WHAT IS THIS, I DON'T EVEN" its so funny.

X: what makes you (x)

When people eat and make horrible noises especially people who eat yoghurts in a disgusting way. No names ;) 

Y- Yummy food:

Tropical Juice get in maaa belly. My dentist has forbidden me from drinking it but I seriously can drink litre's.I don't have any fillings apart from a brace :(


Z: Zzzzzzzz

Doing this has officially made me sleepy but listening to someone talk for over the limit of my attention span will set me off. 
Hope you're all having a beautiful eve! Ciao xxx


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