Thursday, 23 January 2014

Architecture Update


David Hepher

Iris Van Herpen
OK, now we've had the London trip you should all have the imagery you need to really accelerate with your projects. The remainder of this week and next week should be spent developing responses to your London imagery and planning your final piece.The final 2 weeks of the project should be dedicated to the production of your chosen project outcome.
From your London photos you should be making drawings, prints, collages and starting to combine media to create multi layered images. This may involve using techiques such as PhotoShop, acetate collage, spray stencils, carbon printing, painting and the inclusion of text elements.
As a guide you should have the following (as a minimum) in your sketchbook by Monday 3rd February:

Pre trip work:
  • Selection of your best photos from the College architecture.
  • Research into 2 modern Architects (see the brief for names).
  • 1 or more sustained full page pencil tonal drawings based on your College photos.
  • 1 or more controlled linear (fineliner/biro) drawings based on your College photos.
  • At least 2 additional drawings exploring alternative media/technique - these could be faster more expressive pieces.
  • 1 good Gold Card print from your College photos.
  • At least one Collage/mixed media piece developed from your College imagery.
 Post Trip work:
  • Selection of your best photos from the London Trip.
  • Research into 2 Artists/Designers whose work is inspired or influenced by Architecture (see the brief for names). If you know what you are planning for your final piece then try to find at least one practitioner whose work has a clear relationship to your intentions - so if you are planning a sculptural garment look at a Fashion Designer/collection that extends the body through structural garments.
  • A sustained full page pencil tonal drawings based on your London photos.
  • And/or a controlled linear (fineliner/biro) drawing.
  • At least 2 additional drawings exploring alternative media/technique - these could be faster more expressive pieces.
  • 1 or more good Gold Card print from your London photos.
  • At least 1 sustained and successful piece of monoprinting
  • At least 2 Collage/mixed media pieces developed from your London imagery.
  • Other experiments e.g. Carbon prints, spray stencils, PhotoShop, painting - ideally these approaches should be combined to create multi-layered images.
  • Visual planning and notes that outline your intentions for your project outcome (this might be combined with your experiments in the bullet point above). The nature of this planning might be very different from person to person, it could take the form of Fashion Drawings, experiments with 3D media, storyboards for animation or many other things.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Architecture Reminders

I have the impression that some of you are still finishing the previous project and the lesson this morning was very thinly attended. We need to get focussed on the new work and start getting productive.

I expect everyone to be in the studio drawing on Monday, this means you need to have got a range of good photographs from the College Architecture (and have printed out a selection of them).

The photos that I have seen so far are rather a mixed bag, exploring transparency, reflection, zoom ins, unusual camera angles, leading lines, repetition, cropping, intersecting angles are some of the things you should be considering in order to get really effective images to work from.

You should also be getting started with the modern architect research.

And please don't forget to pay for the London Trip Online this weekend. Return the permission/medical forms to me as soon as possible too. Have a good weekend.

Architecture Brief Links

OK, so blogger is playing up (I think updates to the College system made over Christmas are incompatible with Blogger). Anyway it is not letting me post the brief, so here is a link to last years post:

and things to do before the trip: