Saturday, 19 November 2011

Slide Examples + Photoshop Top Tips for tweaking photos

Here are the example Slides Gayle put together, hopefully yours will be even better!

Just a reminder about a few top tips for tweaking the photos of your moodboards before uploading them to your Prezi:
From the Image Menu, select the Adjustments sub-menu, here you will find the brightness/contrast and hue/saturation tools, both useful ways of giving your photos more impact.
Also have a play with the Sharpen filters. On the filter menu, select the sharpen sub-menu, sharpen or sharpen more are both worth looking at.
Also remember to Save your photos as JPEGs, so they don't slow your Prezi right down! (You can do this through PhotoShop or other software)

Use the tutorials on the Prezi site to help you, they are on the "Learn" tab.
Don't forget we are aiming to finish our 5 slide presentations for Tuesday!

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