Friday, 27 January 2012

Final Pieces, Techniques, Time for another scary photo?

OK, a few reminders for the weekend:
  • As I pointed out in Class today you will be doing yourself a massive favour by making sure you are 100% up to date with the project at this stage, allowing you to concentrate on producing 2 really good outcomes. So that means all your photography, drawing, printing and collage work along with research all effectively presented in your sketchbook.
  • In terms of your Collages it would be good to see some of these pushed a little further with Techniques such as acrylic paint transfer (I'll demo next week or ask Izzy) and spray stencilling. Also more use of text and paint ...drip, splash etc.
  • Would be good to see some PhotoShop experiments with your collages, add text and try layering images. Pick your fonts carefully to fit in with the modern looking subject matter.
  • The focus next week is on producing final pieces, so you will need a plan to ensure you can get stuck in straight away. It would be great to see some ambitious and inventive work. This weekend you should produce some initial plan sketches/diagrams with annotations - this will help you to clarify your ideas.
  • If you need any specialist materials or surfaces to work on (e.g. canvases, boards) then you need to discuss your requirements with Georgie on Monday, it may take a few days for canvas orders to be made up.
  • Finally it is high time a few more of you post on the blog I have to put up another scary photo?There is so much excellent work going on and the blog is your space to publish it and get it seen.  

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Architecture Project Update

Time flies when you are having fun, September when you all arrived at College feels like a long time ago, and here we are in term 2.
I always look forward to the second term as it is the time when students accelerate and really start producing Portfolio standard work on a regular basis. Having got to grips with new techniques and expectations up to Christmas, now is the time to look to start raising standards in your work, it would be great to see quite a few of you converting Merits into Distinctions when the this project is assessed.

So what needs to be done? In addition to the work from Week 1 (see the previous post) you should complete these items based on your London Photos by Monday 30th Jan.
  • A good selection of your best London photos printed out and included in your sketchbook.
  • At least one really excellent gold card plate cut (A4 or larger) with several prints made from it.
  • One or more sustained monoprints (again A4 or bigger).
  • A minimum of one really good drawing (spend 3 hours plus on this) this should be full page and in either pencil (using a full tonal range) or fineliner. Additional drawings would be beneficial too.
  • At least 2 inventive pieces of mixed media collage, use photocopies of your London prints, drawings and photos. Experiment with inverts, single colour copies and other papers (brown packing, newsprint), text, paint to create rich images.
  • Research into two Artists whose work is inspired/influenced by Architecture, see the brief for names.
We will have a sketchbook review next Monday 30th Jan, so make sure you are up to date and everything is properly presented.

Ben Johnson

Brendan Neiland

David Hepher

Richard Galpin

Thursday, 12 January 2012

New Project - What Needs Doing.

Architecture Project Week 1

Before the trip next Thursday you should all complete the following:
  • 4 pages of research into 2 contemporary Architects (see the project brief for names). Include background information and analysis of some specific buildings/projects. Discuss materials, aesthetics (form) and function. Include good reproductions of the Architect's work and take care over presentation.
  • A selection of photos from the College Architecture, print contact sheets of your shoot and include the best shots printed out at A4 or A5 scale.
  • At least one full page sustained controlled pencil tonal drawing from your College photos (this should represent at least 3 hours work).
  • Minimum of one full page precise linear drawing using fine liner.
  • At least 4 other drawings exploring other techniques (expressive) and media (biro, ink etc.).
  • Photocopier experiments with your drawings (inverts, blueprints).
  • Minimum of 2 really good monoprints based on your College photos.
  • One or more gold card plates cut and several prints made from them and mounted into the sketchbook. Take some Gold Card home this weekend and cut your design for printing on Monday.
Don't forget to pay online (or at the Hub) for the trip by tomorrow (Friday 13th Jan.) you also need to return the paperwork to the Hub before the end of this week.


Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sunday Blues

Evening  Btecletts,
Just thought I'd add some of my watercolour pages from my book onto here :) Top page is makeup ideas that relate to my theme going on a "bad date" for cutlery.. Other page is Marion Bolognesi who's one of my favourites just because her work is b-e-a-u-tiful!
Big loves  Emma-Jane x

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Recycled Fashion - Genius Creations!

Friday's catwalk show was AMAZING, honestly the best set of garments from a 1st Year Fashion project EVER! Well done, I felt properly proud of you (must be getting soft in my old age).
Here are a selection of my shots from the catwalk, unfortunately my camera battery gave up the ghost mid show, so I missed out on recording loads of great garments :-(

Friday, 6 January 2012

Final studio shoot :)

So I finished my bag finally and did another studio photoshoot showing the hair and makeup i sort of wanted for the fashion show. The butterfly on one side of her face was to represent a sense of freedom whereas the chain represented her being chained down to a type of lifestyle she has chosen, our theme was based on models, how they have the freedom to do as they want yet choose their lifestyle to rule who they are and become chained down to it, the others in my group focused on their hidden identity and their want to be skinny...

Daniella x


 Here is the first photoshoot I did with Jenny acessorised with my handbag, trying out a bunch of different poses.


My Photo's from my time in Scotland.

I thought i'd share some photos with you all from a little fashion shoot i did. It was just really to explore the different positions. Laura H xx


Sunday, 1 January 2012

Who ever said it was all work and no play.

Over christmas i went to a party and the fancy dress theme was something beggining with the first letter of your name .. so mine being J i decided to go as a jigsaw puzzle and inspired by Martin Margiela i attached pieces of a puzzle to a top, i will also use this for my visual response as well as a costume bonus, hope you are all having a lovely holidays see ya soon !!! xx 
jenya x