Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A-Z of me Stephanie C

A- ambition
Move in with my boyfriend

B- Bravest thing iv'e done
Drive a car

C- chore I hate
Washing the pots

D- dream i had
Having a fit at a swimming pool and then watching two monsters fight ...

E- essential start to the day

F- fear off
unexplainable noises

G- geographical location that's important to me
My old house

H- home
Long Sutton, in the middle of nowhere basically

Evelyn my boyfriends mum, random but she's the kinda mum I want to be.

J-journey -my best ever
Going to my boyfriends house mainly because of the random conversations we have

K- kick ass music track
It would be Eminem - shake that ass

L-Long for
The weeeekend

I have many but ill just say Bridget Jones Diary


O-outrageous behaviour
Well when drunk I do many things that in the morning I wish I hadent ......

I did have a dwarf hamster called Milky but she died last week :'(

Q- quote from a movie
Its not a movie it was from LA ink but its fear is just a feeling it can never kill you

R-recreational activity

S- siblings
My brother Richard who's 19

T- television
Family Guy

U-undercover - what you didn't know about me
Im engaged to my Boyfriend

V-va va voom - who gets your engine running
My boyfriend

W- what makes me stop and stare
 Radom things whether people have said or done.

X- what make me (x)
Some comments that people make either rude or insulting.

Y- yummy, what i like to eat the most
Mcdonalds, nom.

Z- zzzzzzzz, what makes me sleep
Being a nice warm bed with my boyfriend lay next to me

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