Thursday, 22 December 2011

Up to much? No.

Basically got a little bored and decided to put glow in the dark paint on my face....
(If you are trying to capture something that glows in the dark on camera it is better if you shine 'UV' light on it first to make it brighter!!!)

Hope you are all having a lovely break!!!!!! See you in the New year!! <3
Georgie xxxxx

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Merry Christmas!!

                                   My Homemade Christmas Pink Penguin Snow Globe!!

                                                  (unfinished but i put it on here anyway)
                                                                            Alice x

Saturday, 17 December 2011

The most amazing blog post EVER.


Okaayyy, so I thought I would post on the blog - OUR BLOG NEEDS US!! Woohoooo!

 First of all,  I wanted to show my piece so far... I had to make a hat. Out of plastic cups! D:  

AND THEN I THOUGHT, 'HEY! I'm doing a photo shoot with some of my friends tomorrow (friday) and I should put some of the pictures on the blog to show their beauty to the world.' SOOO...

and Tom ;) trying to be manly...

From Left: Domy, Karen Viki, Jess! 

ARRGGG. manly Tom. 

Jess on a swing....

Some of them are really bad quality because of my shitty camera but ENJOY :) 
AND ....
Georgie xxx

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Drinking Straw Fashion

 Okay so finally listening to Ivan and trying to blog a bit more. So here are some pics of my fashion design
i started first with just linking the straws together and incorporating wire to make the chain, i then decided to do the same for the bag.

Daniella x


Ok, that picture scared me... I'm now becoming a regular blogger! Please people keep posting so we can move that scary picture down the page!! To make this post worth while i might aswell put up a picture of Charlotte wearing my top. Im pretty pleased with it :)

Laura H x

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Your Blog Needs You!

So I can see exciting garments taking shape in the studio and some of your PhotoShopped Fashion Illustrations were great, but the blog is empty.
Get your works of creative genius online, this is your gallery and the better your contributions are here, the more you are going to impress Universities and Art Colleges next year. 

So C'mon share your talents!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Photoshoot 4th December 2011


These are some pictures from a 'photoshoot' that me and Emma did today! :D 


Emma-Jane and Georgie did a photo shoot

Thought I'd show some of my photography of Georgie, a little random but I might use these for our project :) PEACE OUT, Emma-Jane xx

Friday, 2 December 2011

Updated "To Do" List

A complete list of what you should have completed before Wednesday 7th December, when we will be starting garment making and concentrating on that for the rest of term.
Read this list carefully and make sure you are putting maximum effort into finishing these items effectively before spending your time on any additional stuff!
  • Prezi Slides printed out at a decent size and included in your sketchbook.
  • If your Prezi slides do not show good clear images of your Moodboards then include these as a separate item. Add any appropriate annotation to explain your ideas/intentions.
  • 2 pages of research on the recycled Fashion creations of Martin Margiela. Analyse some specific garments and provide some background information.
  • Complete Fashion Illustrator research, look at a minimum of 2 illustrations each by 3 different illustrators, write at least 200 words of accompanying analysis for each illustrator. is a good starting point for selecting your illustrators.
  • Include a range of your own photos of the figure that explore the kind of poses/posture found in Fashion Photographers work.
  • Several quick sketches of the figure from direct observation (done in class).
  • Select 2 of your own photos of the figure and reproduce these two images in the style of the 3 illustrators you researched – so, 6 illustrations in all. Make sure you use the same media as those employed by the illustrators whose work you are responding to.
  • At least 12 of your own garment designs sketched out and annotated. These should be quick pencil studies, use the figure templates and lightbox to save time. For each design you should be showing the back and front of the garment – so minimum 24 sketches in all. These sketches should be clearly labelled and annotated explaining materials you intend to use and construction techniques.
  • Having discussed your collection with students from the other group you should have chosen 3 designs to produce presentation standard illustrations of (including the design you intend to make). Refer back to your own figure photography to develop an illustration that is not dependent on a provided template. If you are clever you can produce one illustration that can be used as a personal template to show representations of all three of your design proposals. These 3 design illustrations should be completed in ink/paint/collage rather than simply pencil, so when they are scanned into PhotoShop they are substantial enough to work well when we add backgrounds and text etc.
  • You also need to ensure you have obtained a relevant garment to alter and any additional materials (e.g. multiple clothes pegs, plastic bags, iron on transfer paper, threads, fabrics) you are going to require for the construction.
From having looked at a few sketchbooks today it is apparent that many of you are a long way from being up to date. You REALLY must accelerate now and put the hours in to catch up. This is a major project and anyone not completing the required elements will not pass. Failure to pass major projects like this one will prevent you progressing into the second year.
If there are students who do not successfully complete this assignment I will be making appointments for these individuals with Jon Myers (Senior Tutor). I would prefer NOT to do this!
Remember you are on the course because you are talented people with ambitions to work in the creative industry. This should be fun, but alongside that the sooner you get into professional habits the more successful you will be.
Let’s make some fantastic garments, I look forward to seeing your designs become reality!