Friday, 24 October 2014

Work for Half Term and Updated Project Checklist

What you need to get done:
Before you go away to half term you should finish and photograph all your relief work, you should produce at least one full page sustained tonal drawing in response to the photos of your relief. 
Over the half term break produce around half a dozen quick plan drawings to illustrate your ideas for moving into 3D. These drawings should aim to integrate successful aspects of your 2D or relief work, but be prepared to add elements and make aesthetic decisions based upon the concerns outlined in the post below. When you research the work of the sculptors (see below) you might also try to find examples of their drawing and see how they use it to develop their ideas and plan for 3D.
Over half term we also want you to prepare for the next stage of your work by researching two ABSTRACT sculptors (use the brief for names, include background information, several good images of their work and some personal analysis, minimum 4 pages of carefully presented research).
Here is a checklist of the work you should have done for this project by the end of half term:

  • Collection of a range of letterforms/numbers to work from as sources.

  • At least 2 really effective full page linear compositions - these shouldn't include tone or colour so they can be photocopied and worked into with other media.
  • 1 or more carefully built up A3 tonal/pattern based compositions developed from your linear work - use pencil or fineliners.
  • Minimum of 1 A3 colour piece - this could again be a development from your linear compositions, inks or food colourings with bleach are good media to use for this.
  • A gold card plate (at least A4 scale) based on your best composition, this should be cut and several prints taken from it, consider printing onto a range of surfaces.
  • At least two layered experiments in Photoshop printed out and mounted in your sketchbook.
  • Spray stencil layered experiments with letterforms.
  • Letter relief pieces cut from coloured card, photographed effectively, with the photos mounted in your sketchbook.
  • Photocopier inverts of a few of your best bits of work so far.
  • 4 pages of well presented thoughtful research into Jasper Johns (number/letter work) and one other Artist from the brief e.g. Michael Craig-Martin or David Carson. Include sensitive visual responses to both Artists.
  • A photographic Alphabet, find or create letterforms in the environment around you and record them with the camera. Pay attention to the aesthetic aspects of each of your 26 shots (lighting, composition etc.). Present these effectively in the sketchbook.
  • 2 pages of research into the relief sculptures of Frank Stella.
  • Grey Card Relief Sculpture.
  • A series of carefully lit photos from your Grey Card Relief (include close ups and a range of viewpoints as well as views of the whole piece). Print out the best of these and include them in your sketchbook.
  • At least one well finished sustained drawing based on photography from your 3D Relief.
  • A series of annotated quick sketches that illustrate your ideas for a final 3D outcome (to be constructed in the week after we return).
  • Research into 2 abstract Sculptors (4 pages) - for example Eduardo Chillida, David Smith, Naum Gabo, Richard Deacon, Anthony Caro.

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