Friday, 7 November 2014


Your evaluation should be written as a flowing piece of text of 500 – 700 words, word processed and ideally should integrate images of your work (especially your 3D outcomes).
• Describe how you started the project, talk about how you selected typefaces and how you went about your initial letter overlay drawings.
• Identify things in your 2D work that went well, what elements did you carry forwards from your first studies in colour and print work.
• Which Artists and Designers did you research at this stage of the project? Did you find their work influenced or informed your own studio practice, how?
• Did you find the move into 3D an easy one to make? What elements from your 2D studies transferred into your 3D relief work?
• How did you find the practicalities of working in 3D? What techniques did you employ (e.g. cutting, scoring, glue, interlocking)? Describe any problems you encountered and how you dealt with them.
• Are you happy with your relief work, which elements of it do you regard as particularly successful?
• Which Sculptors did you look at? Did you find their work interesting, why? Did it inform your own work in any way?
• What additional challenges did your fully 3D sculptural piece present? Talk about how you addressed sculptural concerns such as points of balance, visual weight and rhythm and creating interest from all angles.
• Were there any different materials or techniques used that you didn’t use in your relief piece (e.g. constructing volumes, use of wire). Did you find the progression from relief to a fully 3D piece an easy one to make?
• Are you pleased with your 3D outcome? Identify strengths and weaknesses of this piece.
• Describe how you went about recording your work through photography and drawing. What steps did you take to ensure you got good images (e.g. lighting, selection of background, focus on details).
• Overall are you happy with your work and time management in this project? What could you do to be more effective in future?

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