Friday, 3 October 2014

Tool Project Evaluation (IVAN'S GROUP)

In order to pass this project, you will need to write a short evaluation.  This will clearly define the processes and techniques you have investigated, as well as outlining any high moments and low moments.

·        Begin by giving a brief outline of the project – describing what you were being asked to do.
·        Talk about why you selected your particular tool, what design and drawing opportunities did it offer you? What visual qualities appealed about your tool?  - mention specific shapes, colours, textures, surfaces, details etc.
·        Talk through all the different processes you encountered, keeping it brief & informative, which were the most successful in your view, & how have your existing skills been extended in the process. Use the checklist of techniques below to ensure you cover everything:
  1. Sustained pencil drawing
  2. Photography
  3. Charcoal mid-tone drawing
  4. Stick and ink drawing
  5. Collage base mixed media
  6. Additional drawing (biro/fineliner)
  7. Mono-printing
  8. Gold card relief printing
  9. Carbon paper printing
  10. Creative use of the photocopier
  11. Food dye and bleach
  12. Spray stencilling
  13. Acetate collage with stitch
·        Talk about the artists you researched, why they were relevant and how you used what you learnt about them in your own work.
  • Reflect on how you worked throughout the project, did you manage your time well? What things might you have improved upon? 

This should be 400-600 words, included in your sketchbook and word processed

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