Monday, 1 October 2012

Creating a Spray Stencil

1. Take an image with strong contrasts, this can be a photo, drawing or a print.
2. Scan or open the image in PhotoShop.
3. Simplify the image by applying the threshold effect (found on the Image drop down menu), slide the scale to adjust the black/white balance.

4. Print out your "Threshold" image on paper and then photocopy it onto acetate. You will need to use the manual feed tray on the right of the photocopier for your acetate, make sure you select the "transparency" option.
5. Use the black areas as a guide to cut away your stencil. Beware of cutting completely around areas so your acetate does not fall apart. You may have to leave tabs/bridges around areas to keep your stencil intact.
6. Once your stencil is cut you are ready to spray, make sure you use one of the spray booths. 

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