ART BTEC 2015 intake!

ART BTEC 2015 intake!

Friday, 28 September 2012

For Monday

Florian Nicolle
 Over the weekend you need to cut your A4 gold card plate, ready to print on Monday. In addition to the previous list you should now also have completed:
  • At least 2 good monoprints (one of these should be A4 in scale).
  • Mount all your drawings/prints into your book.
  • Mount 4 - 6 of your best photos in your sketchbook (printed at A5 or A4 scale).
  • 2 pages of research into the mixed media collages of Florian Nicolle.
On Monday you will also need to bring £2 as a contribution towards some group materials we will require next week (spraycans and food dyes).

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