Tuesday, 16 October 2012


First the good news - having marked your Tools sketchbooks I was really impressed with the standard of work and the amount you all achieved over the 2 weeks we dedicated to this project. Well done!
There does seem to have been a hangover effect from this though and having had a look at progress with the current project this morning it is apparent there is a lot of catching up to be done. The lack of research was a particular concern. We'll have another sketchbook review at the start of next week - with a decent private study effort this week I'm certain we can get back on target. An updated "To Do" list is included below, you need to get stuck in and get this work done by Monday 22nd October.
This project offers a great opportunity to be inventive, carry a camera with you and keep snapping whenever you see interesting examples of letterforms around you.

FOR TOMORROW: Find or create 2 letters/numbers that are between 10 and 20cm in height. At least one of these should be made from a rigid material. Bring CAMERAS.

To Do List (for Monday October 22nd):
  • At least 2 pages where you compile examples of your 5 selected letters and 2 numbers. Try to collect examples from a range of sources e.g. Newspapers, magazines, font websites. Lay out each of these pages in a dynamic way. Mix up font sizes, overlap and collage your letters down, consider copying some letters onto acetate for overlaying.
  • 2 A3 Linear overlay letter compositions (similar to work by Jasper Johns).
  • Photocopies of your Linear pieces worked into with tone and pattern.
  • Photocopies of your Linear work or prints worked into with coloured inks and bleach.
  • Photocopier inverts of your letterform compositions.
  • An A3 Gold Card with several prints from it.
  • Research into the letter/number paintings and drawings of Jasper Johns (2 pages).
  • Research into either the Typographic work of David Carson, see or the letterform work of Michael Craig-Martin, see scroll through the most recent work (2007 - present).
  • Photographs of your chosen letters and numbers - you should aim to find at least 2 examples of each one in the environment around you. One found (e.g. on a sign, notice, advert, vehicle) and one created (by arranging objects of your choice to represent the letter/number). Look at for inspiration (search the archive).
  • Photos of your collected/made letterforms on the lightbox.
  • At least 2 PhotoShop developments from your existing work. Scan images, but add more text layers to create complex compositions.
  • Research into the 3D relief work of Frank Stella (2 pages, get a range of images, a little background information and a couple of paragraphs of personal analysis of specific pieces).
Frank Stella

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