Friday, 22 January 2016

Architecture Project - next week

Just a short post to remind you about a few things for next week. You should obviously have finished all the earlier drawing/photography and architect research by now. Since the trip you should also now have completed some good pieces of monoprinting and gold card.
Before your first lesson on Monday you need to cut and construct your contribution to the paper city from the thin white card. Best to make these buildings without a base so the light can flow through them when we photograph them on the lightbox. Cut and measure carefully, keep things crisp, precise and clean.
Remember to bring cameras with you on Monday (phone cameras sometimes get strange results with photos from the lightbox, so proper cameras are better if you have one).
You should also complete the research into one of the paper engineering Artists (see link in previous post) over this weekend if you haven't already tackled this.
Be aware that you will need some copy/print credit for next week, to print paper city photos and also get stuff from your existing drawings/prints/photos to use in collage. From Tuesday we will be focussing on creating some interesting mixed media work inspired by architecture.

Please also bring £1.50 as a contribution to some group materials for the Collage work - I will then purchase some papers/stickers/labels and other bits and bobs to enhance your mixed media experiments. 

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