Thursday, 28 January 2016

Architecture Collages and Planning Final Pieces

Some of your Collages - Nice Work!

Ok, I should do this more often, photograph some of your work and post it to the blog, because there is lots of exciting stuff being produced. This morning I had to record some of the Collages you've been completing this week as I was genuinely excited when I walked in and saw the display of what you'd been doing over the last couple of days. Keep up the good work.

Project Outcomes:
As you complete the Collage stage you should start thinking ahead towards planning your project outcome. The format of this is entirely down to you, it just needs to be inspired and visually informed by Modern Architecture.
In the past we've had paintings, large scale mixed media work, sculpture, series of prints, animations, graphic magazines, books of illustrations, garments, jewellery, even a board game!
It makes sense to produce an outcome in the area you intend to specialise in next year (if you know what this will be) as this will be of more value to your portfolio for application to Higher Education. The piece might be an extension of things we have already tackled in the project (a more ambitious collage or drawing for example) or it might explore an altogether different creative area.

There should be clear planning for your final piece in your sketchbook, so this means both annotation and imagery outlining your intentions. The nature of the imagery will depend on what you are planning, but it could take the form of painted studies, fashion illustrations, trial page layouts, photos of 3D maquettes or many other things.
You should be aiming to complete this planning (minimum 2 sketchbook pages) over the remainder of this week and the weekend, so that we are ready to start working on project outcomes in earnest on Monday. If you have particular material requirements for your final piece (e.g. Canvases, fabric for garments) then start organising these now.

As you begin work on outcomes next week remember to record your progress so you can include photos and imagery of the creative journey you take with this piece.

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