Friday, 25 September 2015

Tools Project Checklist (IVAN's GROUP)

By the end of Monday 28th September the practical work for the Tools project you should have completed is:
      • At least 1 sustained pencil drawing of your tool completed from direct observation.
      • A series of thoughtfully lit and composed photographs of your tool, best ones printed out at A5/A4 and put in sketchbook, also have some (3-5) good shots printed and kept loose at A4 scale as we will need these for basing prints on. 
      • 2 or more other drawings of your tool in your sketchbook, these could be in pencil/biro/fineliner.
      • Expressive large scale stick and ink drawings. Photograph these and include the photos in your sketchbook.
      • A3 chalk and charcoal drawing onto midtoned paper.
      • 2 good monoprints.
      • One or more Gold Card plates cut and printed (present plates and prints in your book).
      • A3 Collage base with monochrome mixed media interpretation of your Tool  worked over the top.
      • 2-4 images produced through creative use of the Photocopier - e.g. Inverts/Colour Overlays based on your existing drawings and prints. Research into Jim Dine and Florian Nicolle (see earlier post for details)
      On Monday please remember to bring £2.50 as a contribution to group materials we will be using next week (spraypaints and food dyes).
      Next week we hope to fit in food dye and bleach work, spraypaint stencilling, further Collage work using acetate and the sewing machine and some layering and manipulating of your imagery through PhotoShop.

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