Tuesday, 22 September 2015

TOOL PROJECT Supporting Research (IVAN's GROUP)

For homework you need to research the Artist's detailed below, refer back to the earlier post (on Hockney's Joiners, for tips on structuring the written content and presentation of research). You should complete this work by Monday 28th September at the latest.

Two pages of research into the Tool drawings of Jim Dine and the same for the mixed media collage work of Florian Nicolle - find good reproductions of their work, give a brief bit of background information about each Artist, provide some analysis and personal opinion on at least 2 specific images by each of them and make at least one visual response of your own to each Artist's work (this should be an interpretation of your tool in the style of each Artist).

Jim Dine
Florian Nicolle 02 23 Peppy Illustrations Drawn By Florian Nicolle
Florian Nicolle

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