Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Hockney Photographic Joiner Research (PAUL's GROUP)

Photo Joiner by Hockney - Portrait of his Mother
You need to find and print out at least 4 examples of David Hockney’s “Photographic Joiners”. Research this aspect of his work and analyse at least 2 of the images you have found in depth. This work should be thoughtfully presented over at least 2 sketchbook pages.

  1. Title your pages with the Artist’s name, in this case David Hockney, you might consider using fonts available online from sites such as
  2. Find good examples of Hockney’s photographic joiners – not paintings and not tiny jpegs that print out pixellated.
  3. Give a little background information on the Artist, when he was born, when he started to make his photographic collages and why.
  4. Include quotations from the David Hockney (ideally that relate to his photographic work). Try
  1. Give a detailed description of the artwork.
  2. Analyse – comment upon use of colour, composition, technique/media, scale etc.

  1. Give an opinion on the Artworks, but ensure you justify what you say. Avoid simple value judgements (‘I really like/dislike…’) or vague, meaningless statements (’This piece is really effective’). Comment upon how successful or unsuccessful you find the artwork, and give specific reasons why you hold this opinion (I find this joiner particularly interesting because of the way in which the Hockney has explored mixing up different scales and viewpoints).
  2. What is the relationship between this work and your own? Identify and explain connections between this artist’s work and your own.

  1. We will be responding to Hockney’s work by producing our own Joiners based on the still life arrangement, look at how Hockney makes his images to help you create your own.

  1. Take pride in the overall presentation of your research, it should not be rushed. Consider each element carefully:  type, layout, titles, visual responses etc.

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