Friday, 1 May 2015

Illustration Evaluation

To accompany your project submission you need to complete a word processed evaluation of at least 500 words, illustrating your evaluation with photographs is helpful, particularly images of your final board. Discuss anything you feel was relevant to your work in the project, but ensure you cover the following areas:
Starting out:
·        What Roald Dahl story did you choose to work with? What appealed about this particular narrative, which images and scenes captured your imagination?
·        Who did you look at in your initial research (into storyboarding and existing responses to Dahl’s work), did these responses appeal to you and help you to develop ideas for your own photoshoot?
·        How successful were your storyboards? Did they allow you to compose shots to photograph, make you aware of potential problems, help you to identify the locations/props/models you would need?
Your Photoshoots:
·        Describe how you went about your photoshoots. What lengths did you go to in order to source props/models/locations/make up.
·        In your photoshoots how did you employ lighting, camera angle, composition, gesture and expression to achieve dramatic results.
·        Do you feel your photoshoots were successful? Are there any aspects of your shoots you would do differently if you had the chance to do it again?
·        Which photographer/s work did you research? Did their work appeal to you? Explain why you liked or disliked their imagery. Was this research helpful in terms of how to approach this part of the project? If the Photographers influenced you in any way explain what that was.
Drawing and Printing:
·        What drawing techniques did you employ when responding to your photos, do you consider your drawings successful?
·        Which Illustrators who focus on drawing did you research? Did their work appeal to you or help you with your own images, how?
·        How successful were your prints, are there ways in which you could achieve even better prints in future?
Mixed Media and Photoshop:
·        What techniques and imagery did you use in your collaged illustrations? Do you feel your mixed media images were successful?
·        Which Illustrators who use a mixed media approach did you research? Did their work appeal to you or help you with your own images, how?
·        Did you develop your work through PhotoShop? Did you integrate text into your work in any way? Are you pleased with your PhotoShop images, why?
Your Final Board:
·        Was your planning for the final board helpful? Did you stick to your original plan closely?
·        How did you select imagery for your final board? Did you need to produce imagery specifically for the board or adjust existing images?
·        Describe how you chose to lay out your final board. Apart from your images what else did you choose to include?
·        Did you encounter any problems resolving your board? How did you overcome these challenges?
·        Are you pleased with your project outcome? Explain why and/or what you could do to improve it?
The Project:
·        How do you feel you managed your time throughout the project, did you push yourself?
·        Identify two skills you have acquired or improved upon during this project.
·        Identify two areas you could improve upon in future projects.

Include a printed version of your evaluation in your sketchbook and submit with the rest of your work.

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