Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Illustration Project - Final Boards

Joseph Cornell
Ben Allen
So the metre square boards have arrived (£3.50 each) and it is time to plan how you intend to put your project outcomes together.
The final boards need to include 12 - 24 carefully selected images from your sketchbooks, but also require creative presentation.
How you integrate the illustrations is up to you, but in the past students have used them as:

  • Framed images (as if in a household interior)
  • Labels on Jars/Bottles.
  • In a booklet/Magazine format.
  • Behind doors/inside cupboards.
  • Raised from the board/cut through and set back.
  • Suspended from wires in front of board.
  • As memos on a pinboard.
  • Collaged together and overlaid.
You can obviously change the size of images to suit your board design, you might also use PhotoShop to adjust colours or add text.
Along with the images you need to consider the rest of your board, you might add:

  • A large "background" image - either as a painting, or even a paint transfer.
  • Wallpaper.
  • Shelves.
  • Text/quotes from the Roald Dahl story you are illustrating.
  • Objects relevant to your story - e.g. sweets in jars for Charlie and the Chocolate factory.
  • Large figures/shapes cut from additional hardboard sheets - these can be raised from the rest of the board.
  • Lights, sound or video elements.
Use your imaginations and be ambitious, if you are well prepared and ready to go straight after Easter  then you can achieve a great deal in the last 2 weeks of the project that we will dedicate towards development of the boards.

SO, things you need to do before April 20th are:

  • As soon as possible you need to make sure your imagery to date is properly mounted up in your sketchbooks - this makes life much easier when we are selecting imagery for your board.
  • Produce at least 3 carefully annotated alternate proposals for your final board. Sketch out where images would go and make clear what other elements you plan to include.
  • As we are also using this project to complete your "Mixed Media Image Making" Unit it is essential that you complete research into a couple of collage based illustrators - choose practitioners you have not studied in previous projects. Some you might consider are Eduardo Recife, Martin O'Neill, Nazario Graziano, Tim Marrs, Ben Allen, Kurt Schwitters, Joseph Cornell. Compile your research over at least 4 sketchbook pages, ensure you analyse specific images in depth and offer justified personal opinions. 

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