Thursday, 14 May 2015

Life Cycles. Update and Study Leave Work

For the 8th June Bring in digital cameras, sketchbooks with completed study leave work, money for film and lots of objects to do with your life cycle for studio photography. Film is £4.00 and A6 pack of photo paper 100 is £10 (best to club together in 4s to buy this, you might also invest in some A4 photo paper @ 50p a sheet).
See the brief for full details of the study leave work (previous post), in short you should have completed:

College Work
  • Mindmaps and sketchbook imagery moodboards for your chosen life cycle.
  • First Photoshoot.
  • Drawings directly from objects associated with your lifecycle or from your photographs, at least one good sustained full page piece plus additional drawings exploring media, technique and different working timespans.
  • Gold Card print/s based on your imagery to date and one or more monoprints.

Study Leave Tasks
  • An additional photoshoot.
  • Research and analysis into 2 well designed existing leaflets.
  • Artist research – look at one Artist from each of the 8 lists, gather imagery and information and answer the questions in the brief for all 8 of them.
  • Choose 2 Artists from your research to base visual work on. Produce at least 4 of your own images in the style of these 2 Artists (2 for each), these responses should be based on YOUR OWN photographs – not just direct copies of existing works by the Artists you have selected.

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