Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Presentation Advice

You should be aiming for a presentation duration of between 5 and 10 minutes. Each person should contribute to the delivery as well as the creation of the slides. The simplest way to organise this is for each person to speak about their own slide for around 2 minutes. You might choose a more varied delivery though where each person is involved in the delivery of every slide for example.
  • Stand up and speak clearly.
  • Face your audience.
  • Avoid being like a speaking statue, point to things in your slide, use gesture as well as speech to engage your audience.
  • Don't just read from the Slide - expand and explain the imagery and information that is on screen.
  • Use cue cards if they help, but don't hide behind them!
  • Get together and do a practice run through, this will help with transitions between slides and getting overall timing right. Practice is a really important element of delivering a good presentation.
  • Don't rush your delivery - it is easy to speed up when you are nervous, be aware of this, do your best to relax and slow down.
  • Try to transmit some enthusiasm for what you are delivering, this is your project, so embrace it!
  • You might consider using props (e.g. garments, experiments with manipulating your object) in addition to your slides - having something physical to talk about can help give your presentation a focus.

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