Monday, 10 November 2014

New Project - First Tasks

A few reminders, for your next lessons (Wednesday) you will need:

  • Money for an A3 sketchbook. Ringbound £7, or Stapled £2.
  • Drawing materials (pencils, eraser, biro & fineliners if you have them).
  • A version (or preferably multiples) of your object to draw from and experiment with. 
  • A camera/cameraphone.
Before Wednesday you need to research both your object and your garment collect and print enough material for:
  • 4 busy pages of visual research into the garment you drew from the "hat", different versions/styles/shapes try to find inventive Haute Couture versions.
  • 4 busy pages of visual research into the object you drew from the "hat" - different versions, different uses, unusual applications of your object, if you can find examples of it in Fashion then include these.
  • Find several examples of Collections and print some images of these too (enough to fill another 2 sketchbook pages). Most designers/design houses release themed collections seasonally, look for examples of collections that are inventive, exuberant and perhaps use elements of recycling - the work of Martin Margiela might be a valuable starting point.

Use (open a free account if you don't already have one). Thoughtfully selected search terms in Pinterest will lead you to a host of rich imagery and ideas.

If you already have a sketchbook then get ahead and collage this imagery down, aiming for visually rich pages. Including key words (object and garment names for example) in carefully selected fonts will add to the graphic impact of these pages.

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