Thursday, 14 November 2013

Stuff that should be going into your Sketchbooks

Obviously the initial stages of this project involve lots of work outside the sketchbook, with your moodboards and Prezi being the main activities. You should record these in your sketchbook too. The first pages of your sketchbook should include the following:
  • Observational drawing/s from your object.
  • Photographs of your moodboard layouts (including alternate arrangements - take time to light these well, make sure you get sharp focus and consider tweaking in PhotoShop to ensure you do full justice to your work).
  • Screenshots of your Prezi slides.
  • 2 pages of research into the work of Martin Margiela - some of his Maison Martin Margiela collections were what originally inspired this project and he has explored using recycled materials in many of his garments. Your research should include brief biographical information about MM, find several examples of garments from his collections and analyse some in detail, discuss technical aspects of construction and the aesthetic impression the garment creates. Offer personal opinions on the work, but ensure that you justify them fully, explain how looking at MM might inspire or influence your own work/ideas in this project.
This Martin Margiela collection includes a long bomber jacket made from an old gown, a coat made from an windsurfing sail and a vest made from vintage baseball gloves.

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