ART BTEC 2015 intake!

ART BTEC 2015 intake!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Preparing for Presentations/Presentation Schedule

You have a busy couple of days ahead as we need to ensure all your presentations are given on Thursday so we can all move on to the Fashion Illustration work together from Friday.
Having just tried to start a Prezi with Freya it is clear that the Art department computers do not have the capacity to run the new version of the programme :-(
...for it to work properly the computers need to be running Google Chrome as their browser, and they don't have the capability.
So, Plan B: Powerpoint. Try to make your Powerpoints as creative as possible, whilst avoiding using templates/fonts that don't suit your creative subject matter. Using a blank presentation is a good bet. You will need to take a series of "zoomed in" photos of sections of each moodboard to properly explain your points.
These are the practical steps that need completing:
  • All 5 Moodboards finished.
  • Good photos taken of each Moodboard.
  • Photos tweaked (see post below) using PhotoShop so they look effective as Presentation slides.
  • Transfer your Moodboard photos (and zoom in details) to Powerpoint slides.
A suggested format for your presentation is
  1. Title slide "An object worth desiring" and your names.
  2. Your introductory Mood Board.
  3. 2 or 3 zoom in slides of key aspects of your first moodboard.
  4. Your second moodboard (research into your object).
  5. 2 or 3 zoom in slides of key aspects of your second moodboard.
  6. Your third moodboard (your garments).
  7. 2 or 3 zoom in slides of key aspects of your third moodboard.
  8. Your fourth moodboard (collections).
  9. 2 or 3 zoom in slides of key aspects of this moodboard.
  10. Your final moodboard (initial design ideas/material experiments)
  11. 2 or 3 zoom in slides of key aspects of your final moodboard.
  • Produce a set of 5 cue cards that bullet point vital information for each main slide - use these as a memory aid during your presentation, but be prepared to expand and ad lib rather than just reading off a card, as this tends to lead to dull delivery.
  • Work with your partner to practice the suitability of your timing and content - you should be aiming for a presentation time of 8 - 10 minutes.
See the exercise as an opportunity to "sell" your ideas and explain how your research has informed your initial garment ideas/object experiments.
Self promotion is an essential skill in many Art/Design careers, own the floor and start as you mean to go on!

Schedule for presentations on Thursday is as follows:

Annie Adam, Freya Atkins, Katie Warren, Hannah (special guest)
Rubber Gloves
Flo Clarke, Amy Lucas
Plastic Cups
Georgia Masters/Jasmine Yarnell
Clothes Pegs
Georgia Plomer/Max Goodwyn
Plastic Bottles
Emma Momber, Emma Hope
Katie Adlam/Kieran Harrington
Coat Hangers
Molly Christie/Katie Watson
Lucy Abraham/Jenny Brown
Holly Watson/Connor Whitney-Smith
Cardboard Tubes


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