Thursday, 21 November 2013

Fashion Illustration Research

Before tomorrow you need to look at the work of 2 fashion illustrators, here are a few good links to explore:

Anna Higgie
Try to choose illustrators that have contrasting approaches and use different media. For each selected illustrator print out 3/4 reproductions of their work at a reasonable size (A5ish).

You then need to provide some analysis of each illustrator. Find out what you can about them - where they trained, who they have worked for. Most importantly analyse the images you have chosen, identify what media have been used and discuss technique (expressive or controlled?), composition, use of colour. Give your personal opinion on the work, but ensure you give reasons for the views you express.

Present the work thoughtfully (2 A3 pages per illustrator), think about layout and text/titles etc.

 Tomorrow you will be doing some quick drawings of the figure and taking photos to develop your illustrator responses from. We will be needing people to pose for both drawings and photos, look at Fashion advertising/ location shoots to give you ideas about dynamic posture.

 From the photos you take you will be selecting 2 of the best and producing 4 of your own illustrations (2 in the style of each of your selected illustrators) from the poses found in your chosen photos.

 Following on from this we will be developing some original illustrations of our own next week and using these as a vehicle to develop and present your design proposals.


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