Thursday, 7 November 2013

Alphasemble Submission Requirements

Sketchbook including:
·        2 linear overlay letterform drawings.
·        2 Tonal/mark-making letterform drawings.
·        Your own photographs of letterforms (letterform alphabet).
·        2 collages using photocopies/inverts/acetate sections.
·        Research into Jasper Johns’ Letter and Number drawings and paintings & another Artist/Designer’s typographic work (e.g. David Carson, Michael Craig-Martin). Research should include Background information, your own analysis, good images of each Artist’s work and visual responses in appropriate media.
·        A gold card plate and several prints from it.
·        At least 2 letterform abstractions using colour e.g. paint, food colouring, oil pastel.
·        Minimum 2 images made using the Letterpress printing blocks.
·        Research into Frank Stella’s relief sculptures.
·        Research into two sculptors work e.g. Richard Deacon, Naum Gabo, David Smith, Eduardo Chillida.
·        Photographs of all your Relief/3D pieces, include detail shots and shoot from a range of angles, consider lighting carefully and shoot against a clean background.
·        A word processed project evaluation (see guidance).
·        Optional:  Full page tonal drawing/s in response to your own 3D work.
In addition to the sketchbook please clearly name and hand in your 3D work:
·        Grey Card Relief.
·        Raised letter Relief (thin card).
·        Well finished final 3D Sculpture.

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