Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Tomorow you have the opportunity to experiment with creating photograms in the darkroom. You will be working with the enlargers exposing directly onto photo-sensitive paper, then developing the images. You will need a range of resources to make effective photograms:
  • Images of modern architecture on acetate - if these are put through the Threshold tool on photoshop first they work better.
  • Cut paper shapes based on buildings/architectural shapes.
  • Cut out symbols, numbers, words think about your font choices carefully to complement your Architectural imagery.
  • Cut shapes from tracing paper may also give some interesting effects.
  • Objects such as keys, cogs, washers, nuts and bolts.
Basically you will be making arrangements of cut-outs/acetates/objects that block or partially block the enlarger light from hitting your base sheet of photographic paper, this will create your image once you develop it and fix it with photographic chemicals.

Make sure you arrive with a good range of materials to allow you to make some exciting photograms.

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