Friday, 25 January 2013

Architecture Project Update

In addition to the work from Week 1 (see the previous post) you should complete these items based on your London Photos by Monday 4th February.

Really concentrate on producing some high quality prints, as these almost always feature in your course portfolios. Finishing this work on time will allow you to concentrate on producing an ambitious outcome in the last 2 weeks of the project.
  • A good selection of your best London photos printed out and included in your sketchbook.
  • At least one really excellent gold card plate cut (A4 or larger) with several prints made from it.
  • One or more sustained monoprints (again A4 or bigger).
  • A minimum of one really good drawing from the London images (spend 3 hours plus on this) this should be full page and in either pencil (using a full tonal range) or fineliner. Additional drawings would be beneficial too.
  • At least 2 inventive pieces of mixed media collage, use photocopies of your London prints, drawings and photos. Experiment with inverts, single colour copies and other papers (brown packing, newsprint), text, paint to create rich images.
  • 2 or more PhotoShop developments incorporating text based on your collage work.
  • Research into two Artists whose work is inspired/influenced by Architecture, see the brief for names. This research should be carefully presented over at least 4 sketchbook pages and should include personal opinion and analysis of specific images. Try to choose Artists who work in a way that relates to the intentions you have for your final piece.
We will have a sketchbook review on Monday 4th Feb. so make sure you are up to date and everything is properly presented.

Ben Johnson

Brendan Neiland

David Hepher

Richard Galpin

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