Thursday, 12 January 2012

New Project - What Needs Doing.

Architecture Project Week 1

Before the trip next Thursday you should all complete the following:
  • 4 pages of research into 2 contemporary Architects (see the project brief for names). Include background information and analysis of some specific buildings/projects. Discuss materials, aesthetics (form) and function. Include good reproductions of the Architect's work and take care over presentation.
  • A selection of photos from the College Architecture, print contact sheets of your shoot and include the best shots printed out at A4 or A5 scale.
  • At least one full page sustained controlled pencil tonal drawing from your College photos (this should represent at least 3 hours work).
  • Minimum of one full page precise linear drawing using fine liner.
  • At least 4 other drawings exploring other techniques (expressive) and media (biro, ink etc.).
  • Photocopier experiments with your drawings (inverts, blueprints).
  • Minimum of 2 really good monoprints based on your College photos.
  • One or more gold card plates cut and several prints made from them and mounted into the sketchbook. Take some Gold Card home this weekend and cut your design for printing on Monday.
Don't forget to pay online (or at the Hub) for the trip by tomorrow (Friday 13th Jan.) you also need to return the paperwork to the Hub before the end of this week.


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