Friday, 27 January 2012

Final Pieces, Techniques, Time for another scary photo?

OK, a few reminders for the weekend:
  • As I pointed out in Class today you will be doing yourself a massive favour by making sure you are 100% up to date with the project at this stage, allowing you to concentrate on producing 2 really good outcomes. So that means all your photography, drawing, printing and collage work along with research all effectively presented in your sketchbook.
  • In terms of your Collages it would be good to see some of these pushed a little further with Techniques such as acrylic paint transfer (I'll demo next week or ask Izzy) and spray stencilling. Also more use of text and paint ...drip, splash etc.
  • Would be good to see some PhotoShop experiments with your collages, add text and try layering images. Pick your fonts carefully to fit in with the modern looking subject matter.
  • The focus next week is on producing final pieces, so you will need a plan to ensure you can get stuck in straight away. It would be great to see some ambitious and inventive work. This weekend you should produce some initial plan sketches/diagrams with annotations - this will help you to clarify your ideas.
  • If you need any specialist materials or surfaces to work on (e.g. canvases, boards) then you need to discuss your requirements with Georgie on Monday, it may take a few days for canvas orders to be made up.
  • Finally it is high time a few more of you post on the blog I have to put up another scary photo?There is so much excellent work going on and the blog is your space to publish it and get it seen.  

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