Friday, 10 March 2017

Illustrator Research and Project Check List

So far you should have the following work in your books:
  • Research into Roald Dahl (1 page is fine)
  • Research into Quentin Blake's illustrations for Dahl's books, include reproductions of his work, background information, analysis of his style and at least one visual response. (2 pages)
  • Research into 2 films inspired by the works of Roald Dahl, some background information, justified personal opinion and images from the films (1 page for each film).
  • At least 3 pages of storyboarding for your photoshoot, this should be a mix of quick sketches and annotation. Sketches should explore potential compositions for photos; annotation should include quotes from the book that you are illustrating and lists of requirements (models, postures, expressions, locations, props, costume, make up, lighting etc.).
  • 1 or more pages showing some good examples of existing storyboards, with brief analysis.
  • Contact sheets of prints from your photoshoot.
  • Larger prints (A4/A5) of a range of your best shots.
  • Research into one narrative photographer with fantastical elements - e.g. Annie Liebovitz, Ruven Afanador, Viona Ielegems, Tim Walker. 2 pages with imagery, background and some of your own analysis of a couple of specific shots, consider what practical steps went into creating the image we see. So discuss location, models, postures, costume, props, make up, composition, lighting, camera angle, post-production.
  • 4 or more quick expressive drawings - if you want to add to/replace those we produced in class then do so!
  • At least one sustained piece of monoprinting (A4 or A3).
  • A sustained full page tonal pencil observational drawing from your photographs.
By Wednesday 15th March you should add the following:
  • A second sustained full page observational drawing from your photographs, use different media for this one - e.g. biro, fine liner, coloured pencils.
  • A good piece of Gold Card printing (A4 or A3).
  • Research into 2 narrative illustrators, these MUST be one historical and one contemporary practitioner. In this research it is important to give background biographical information on each illustrator, analyse some specific images in terms of content, technique and media and justify your own opinions on the work. You also need to write a distinct section of analysis that compares the illustrators from different eras and describes how you feel illustration has changed over time. This research is set to meet the requirements of the Narrative Illustration Unit, so MUST be done well. Choose one from each of these lists (if you have different Artists in mind then run them past staff before doing your research): 

Chris Haughton

Catherine Rayner

Shaun Tan

Oliver Jeffers

Dave McKean

Neil Gaiman

Randolph Caldecott
Sir John Tenniel

E.H. Shepard

Arthur Rackham

Harry Furniss

Beatrix Potter

After you have researched your 2 illustrators we will spend the latter part of next week producing some visual responses to their work. These responses should be undertaken in a similar way to how we approached the responses to Fashion Illustrators in the Trashion Project:
  • Using your own photographs as inspiration produce 2 interpretations of your images in the style of each illustrator you have researched - that is 4 illustrations in total. Take time over these and do your best to really replicate the style and use appropriate media.
  • Also over the next 10 days you should complete a second photoshoot so you have fresh imagery to enrich the second half of your project. If you used the studio for your first shoot then try to do something on location (or vice-versa), whilst you may use some common elements (like the models for specific characters) you should aim to investigate different scenes from the original Dahl text you are basing your project around.

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