Friday, 24 March 2017

Collage Work & Supporting Research

Ben Allen
Mario Wagner
The second Assessed Unit for this project is Mixed Media Image Making which means the Collage work you will be completing between now and the Easter Break is important - the quality and range of what you do is what will help you to achieve a strong grade.
You should complete at least 6 collages using a range of media, some of these can be produced digitally, but there needs to be some hand produced imagery as well.
Use copies your existing photographs, drawings and prints to base your collages around and integrate some of the coloured papers, graph paper, newspaper etc. Layer up your imagery, use text (quotes from your narrative), consider techniques like: 

  • Acrylic paint transfer
  • Acetate collage
  • Photocopier experiments
  • Spray stencils 
  • Stickers
  • Paint

To support this work over Easter you will need to add some research into 2 Collage based Artists with thorough analysis of their work.
This research is essential evidence towards your Unit, so do it well!
Identify your Artist and collect a range of good examples of their work. Discuss some specific images in depth - 

  • When was the image produced?
  • What do you think has influenced this Artist? 
  • Does the image have a commercial (or other) purpose? 
  • What media are being used? 
  • How is the image composed? 
  • What imagery is included?
  • Is text included? 
  • How is colour employed? 
  • What have you learned from looking at this Artist's work and how can you apply it to your own mixed media work?

Some you might consider are Mario Wagner, Ben Allen, Nazario Graziano, Tim Marrs, Martin O'Neill, Eduardo Recife or Mark Powell.

Eduardo Recife

Mark Powell

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