Thursday, 30 March 2017

Collage Inspiration?

This is a Video made as a Final Major Project piece by an Alton College BTEC Art student (Amy Lucas) a couple of years ago. 
Hopefully it can give you some inspiration for your current collage work.

The video of the Franz Ferdinand track "Take me out" directed by Jonas Odell is another interesting source
It includes the band in the midst of a Dadaist and somewhat Pythonesque (surreal Terry Gilliam style) animation involving quirky vintage figures and machinery. The video is a blend of the live action band superimposed into a 3D environment with animated 2D elements. Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos named Dada, the films of Busby Berkeley, and Soviet propaganda as influences, and praised Odell's direction. Kapranos commented:
"Basically it's a pop video and it should entertain you, but not just once – there're certain things you stare at in life that is just fascinating to look at like a fish tank or an open fire, they're actually quite simple things but there's something fascinating about them. And I think pop videos should be like that too. There should be something there that just makes you want to come back and look at it". 

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