Thursday, 1 December 2016

Fashion Illustration & Preparing for Making.

You need to finish your illustration work through the remainder of this week, so that you can move onto garment construction next week.
Ideally you should finish the tasks outlined below before next Monday (5th December) so that you can have 2 full weeks before Christmas to make your piece. At the very latest the illustration and design work must be complete by the end of Tuesday 6th December so EVERYONE is onto making by Wednesday.

  • 4 pages of research into 2 Fashion illustrators, include a range of their work and your analysis of their technique.
  • A range of your photographs of the figure in "fashion" poses, printed out and included in your sketchbook.
  • 4 illustrator responses developed from your own photos (2 in the style of each illustrator you researched).
  • 6-8 quickly sketched design proposals for your garment/accessory, you could use a template for these. Annotate alongside to explain your ideas and techniques you intend to use. These ideas can be variations on a theme, each one does not need to be radically different.

  • A well finished illustration of your selected design (the one you intend to make) - you might choose to do this in the style of one of the illustrators you researched or develop a more independent illustrative approach of your own.

You also need to think ahead and gather everything you need for your making, make a list of your requirements and order online (eBay is your friend here) or find other ways of obtaining your resources - suppliers such as Fabricland in Basingstoke may prove valuable.
Things you might require include:
Cotton thread, zips, velcro, fabric, dyes, iron-on transfer paper, multiples of your object (clothes pegs, rubber bands etc.). 
There may be other practical preparations you need to make as well such as exposing screens for printing.

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