Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Illustration Update (What does the Fox Say?)

"Look into my eyes ...this is the work you must do ...remember, you must obey the Fox"
Next week we will be looking through your work to date, selecting images for use on your boards and planning your layouts and ideas for the final outcome.
This means sketchbooks need to be properly compiled and up to date.
Take the time to finish things properly and stick everything in.

By Monday 30th March far you should have:

  • Initial research (Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake, Film Adaptations of Dahl's work)
  • At least 3 pages of storyboarding for your photoshoots with notes.
  • Research into existing storyboards (e.g. Josh Sheppard).
  • At least 2 successful photoshoots (one studio & one location based)            -if you have only got one decent shoot then completing a second should be an urgent priority at this stage.
  • Sustained drawings in pencil and pen.
  • A good carbon print.
  • Expressive Drawings.
  • Research into 2 illustrators (focus on illustrators whose work centres on drawing, make sure you include one pre-1950 Artist, e.g. Arthur Rackham). Compare work from different eras.
  • Printing work - at least one good example of monoprinting, gold card and monotype.
  • At least 3 mixed media Collages.
  • Photoshop and text overlay developments of your Collages.
  • Expressive card chip paintings on board.
Don't forget that you should also be completing your essays this week. You should all have had an email in response to the selections you sent me - read this before proceeding any further.
Essay deadline is 4.30pm on Monday 30th March - DO NOT LEAVE IT ALL UNTIL THE WEEKEND!

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