Monday, 2 December 2013

Recycled Fashion Project - update

Jez Eaton - Brighton Trashion Show

Ok, so we are past the halfway point with the Fashion Project. This week the aim is to complete the design process and get final illustrations of your garments completed.
You also need to ensure that you have plenty of examples of your object and your existing garment for when we start to make our designs next week.
If you still need to get your garment try charity shops, car boot sales, unwanted family garments rather than buying something new.
Most of the recycled objects are readily available, but you may have to make an effort to collect them. Sometimes in the past students have used eBay to buy large quantities of things like clothes hangers cheaply.
So this week you should complete:
  • At least 6 garment proposals using the templates, annotate these to explain how you would construct each intended design.
  • Choose the best 2 of your proposals and present these ideas through some finished illustrations. These illustrations should be original and not based on templates, you should return to your photos of the figure and use these as a starting point. You might choose to use elements of the style of illustrators you studied, but try not to slavishly copy an existing Artist's work. Choose your media carefully, you might combine hand drawn techniques with digital finishing. These two final images should be professional pieces that are the culmination of your design and illustration process.

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