Monday, 9 December 2013

Project Update & Fashion Photographer Research

OK, so we should all be moving on to garment construction in the next couple of days. Make sure you have the resources you will need: a garment/accessory to recycle and as many multiples of your object as your garment requires. You may need other things such as additional fabrics, dyes, zips, clasps, velcro etc.
If you have an ambitious plan ensure you give yourself plenty of making time to resolve it properly.
Any finishing work to your illustration research/design development needs to be completed as private study now.
Thinking a little way ahead you should start giving some thought to your Photoshoot - you should be aiming for a professional approach with this that results in great imagery for your portfolio.
Consider who will model for you (or who will take photos if you are modelling your own garment), where you will base the shoot (what will complement the garment?), will you need props/make up?
In order for you to plan and execute effective final Photoshoots for your garments it will be helpful to make yourself aware of the work of some top Fashion photographers.
When looking at these Photographers work you should look for the following things and comment on them:
  • Use of location/studio - how does this relate to enhance the garment?
  • Use of make up.
  • Use of props.
  • Use of the model(s) consider things like body posture, what mood is the photographer trying to create?
  • Use of lighting - natural/artificial? harsh/gentle?
  • Composition/cropping - how is the figure placed within the image?
  • Use of post production - has the image been manipulated via software such as PhotoShop to achieve the final result, how subtle/dramatic is this process?
You should look at 2 of the following photographers and provide a little background biographical information before analysing at least 3 images by each one in detail (2 pages per photographer, print out decent size reproductions of their work).

Steven Meisel
Corrine Day

Mario Testino

Ruven Afanador

Nick Knight


Tim Walker
Steven Klein

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